15 Jan 2013

Winter Fanart Voting

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello everyone! It is time for voting now! Laughing out loud Our winter fanart contest closed as per scheduled. We would like to thank all the contestants who are participating this content. Here are the entries of the contest:

(* Click read more to see all entries before casting your vote *)


Happy Holidays by Miyori999


Sesshoumaru and Rin - Winter Exchange by Msmangopuff


SR Winter Chibisby by SweetAyu



Blurred Winterby by XXXRen195XXX


Find the poll setup below this post to cast your vote. Remember, each member is allows to vote once for one entry of their choice.

You have 4 days to vote, the vote started 16th Jan 2013 until 20th Jan 2013 11.59pm GMT time.

Have fun voting and have a nice day. See you on 21st Jan 2013 Smile