31 Jan 2012

Where are justice?

Submitted by icegirljenni

~*~nerine-riin's Page~*~
 by #Sesshomaru-x-Rin on deviantART 

Please click the above link to read the announcement. Thanks.

If the link doesn't work or happen deleted, please check the image here :


I seriously got upset with the admin. Despite her no reply to any of other deviants question about the real winner, this admin continue her ignorance announcement. 

I didn't like to create trouble and while I know I am not part of the contestant, I find this rather unfair. I am truly upset! 

The image above was taken on 23rd, look! The winner is [info]kkoorime So why the admin keeps saying 'Our contest #1 winner is: nerine-riin ?

That continues announcement upset me. I think as an admin, s/he should step up and explain. 

Also I find this rather amusing. The contest was supposed to end on 22nd January, the first announcement was done on 23rd and the picture I taken was done on 23rd. Last night I went back to the poll and the picture below shock me.

So the poll is stills going on??? 

In the end of the day I think it doesn't hurt to at least explain to the members about the problem. 

Please, if anyone see this entry can you guys help me to request an explanation from the admin? 

It was not easy to draw and so all the contestants have put a lot of effort for the contest so the admin shouldn't treat them like this. 

Please pass this down and together we seek for justice!

Thanks in advance.