18 Oct 2013

[Vote] Fall fanart contest

Submitted by icegirljenni








The information of the voting is as below:


Hey guys! Here we go! It is time to vote for the winner of Fall fanart contest! 

First of all, mteagle128 and I would like to thank all the contestants for their lovely fanarts! 

Your participation means a lot to us and the fandom. 

We have 6 entries this time and here are the entries. Click on the link to view the entries. 

{1} bl00dievalentine's entry 

{2} Wulfsista's entry 

{3} LostAffection's entry 

{4} XXXRen195XXX's entry 

{5} Miyori999's entry 

{6} Asurama 's entry 

Here's the rules for voting:- 

You have one week to vote started from today 19th October 2013 (12.00 am GMT time) until 26th October 2013 (11.59 pm GMT time) 

* You can only vote once for one entry. Any duplicate votes will be disqualified. 

* You will get to preview (above links) the entries submitted before casting your vote. 

* You are allow to vote once for your choice of entry. Think twice before voting for your vote can not be cancel. 

* You do not need to be a member for voting however it will be our pleasure to see new members onboard Smile

*Your vote can be either in artists name or via the numbers given as below: 

{1} - bl00dievalentine 
{2} - wulfsista 
{3}- lostaffection 
{4} - xxxren195xxx 
{5} - miyori999 
{6} - asurama


So choose your favorite entry today! 

Happy voting guys!