10 Apr 2012

Who thinks we need to start having some activities on here? Like contests, etc? anything?? It seems all there is is to chat..Lol

Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby
Yes! About time someone suggested it
60% (3 votes)
Hellz No!!
0% (0 votes)
The Time isn't Right
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5


I have always wanted to run a contest but I am not sure whether we have enough members to do it.

My first poll members are actually voted for art contest. What do you guys think?

I can host the art contest now since we already have the integration with DA groups.


i see what you're gettting at now. yeah, not enough members to do anything.

art contest sounds cool.

Lol, well, I was just kidding with the poll thing for this. i just got bored and decided, hey why do this site do anything. but its not biggie. lol

:| you're what??? Kidding?

hmm.. no?? lol


Jenni, I am sure Y isn't!  She's one to do things like this after all.  You know that, right?:P

please, don't confuse yourself with me. :p

When have I ever put a poll up because of boredom.:P

But I got an idea for a contest, and not many people are needed and as it goes more people can join in at any time.  We only need at least 3 (or 2, as long as more than the 2 writers vote :P) people.  You see I have seen drabble prompt fics all the time, so what I was thinking we could do something like that.  You know write 1000 words (though if it goes over a few words that's fine too) that has a certain theme.  And after a fixed certain amount of time we have to send it end or sit out that time.  Then one of us puts up the poll for it and after a certain amount of time close the poll.  The winner gets to choose the next prompt then, maybe?  Jenni ofcourse would choose the first prompt.  What do you think of that?  Not much to it and it could be a fun activity, I think.:)

And maybe we can do a point system that if you get such rank that's how many points you get?  But since people can join in at any time and sit out, also keep a tally of how many they have participated in.

I don't know about the points or not, but I think what's before it is a good idea.:)

oh haha, that. well.. how would i know?

that does sound like fun. we could do several one-shot prompts and then, like the super mario cart, if everyone wants to submit, we can choose who wins first, second, third, etc. And then tally up the total. like first gets 3 pts, etc. but i think we should win something. Lol, a prize!! :)

like perhaps, you guys have submit flames to first place winner!! haha! how discouraging eh? after winning first place, you get the honor of getting burned in return. XD

You don't do you?  Heehee

I think it is, and glad you think so too.:D   Oh, that sounds like a good idea.  A prize?  Like what? Sounds good though no matter what! :D

Okay, maybe no matter what then. Haha :P  But oh, my!  I am laughing here! Haha  With that aren't you the only one who wants to win? LOL :P  But yeah it's like:  YAY!!!!!!!!!  I WIN!!!!!  Hey!  I got a review!  :O  It's a FLAME!!!!  Aagh!  I don't want to win! XD  LOL

Well, have to ask Jenni about this and see what her thoughts and opinions are.  But I'm sure she will agree.:D

Don't know, dont care. How's that for my answer? :p

Lol, yeah. like one of those marathons. or hey, we can just do a story&pic(that goes with the story) and submit that. lol. well jenni could work out the rest of the details like prize. haha, yeah, i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that would want to win. bleh, no fun really.

lmao, thats gona be your reaction. like i said, no fun at all. :p

yes indeed ask her. we need to get going on this site. haha.


Pretty good.  Cause I wouldn't have told you anyways.:P

Yeah, that sounds good.  And maybe different rounds?  Hm, well, I'm sure Jenni would have some ideas of how to do it.:)  A story & a pic?  Like how would that work? Yes, she possibly could.  Yeah, I am sure.  I already got my share of flames, thank you very much.:P

Well, I would just laugh.:P  But I'm sure a lot of people would be that way.XD

As soon as I see her I will. :D  We definitely do! Haha

Ah Di, you got the perfect idea there. I think I can twist it a bit though. Give me some time to fix the idea.

Thanks, Y. :-D I was quite surprise that you are actually agree to go for the idea? XD Sorry, no offense but hey Y put that poll up out of boredom LOL

I hear you guys and definitely will work on it.

Keep your suggestion on, I love hearing them. Oh, Y. A flame for a prize? Hell no! XD You gotta be kidding me XD

Thanks for your suggestion. I love you all heart

Thank you Jenni.:D  Sure, no prob.:)

Yeah, shocking about Y, huh? :P

Yay!  Can't wait! :D

Sure will.  Any idea and I will spout! :P  Yeah, Y is desperate, huh?  Why not that be HER special prize?:P

No prob!  Glad you like! :D  Love you too!heart

nope not kidding, jenni. >:(

and Rose- please, I haven't reached the point of desperation quite yet. I'm actually enjoying this. It's quite fun imo. Special prize. I'll take special anything any day. :p


Oh and really, how is that a surprise that i put it up while i was bored. i mean come on, seriously.

What else would i be doing on here if i wasn't bored? lol

You got to admit, Y does have a point.:P

very.. lol.. :p

HAHAHAHA I am only teasing you. Thank you so much for the idea. I will working on it as soon as I kick my current works away. Thank you guys! Thanks Y and Di :-D

Right!  We have to tease, Y!  We just have to.:P

No prob!:D

oh how you guys wound me with the teasing.

but hey, why do i get the feeling all those current works will take months till you get through with it?lol 

I didn't that that was possible!:P

Yeah, Jenni is a slowpoke! LOL :P

how so?

and indeed. she hasnt even updated her storioes in months. lmao

I have no idea what I said! XD  But no matter!  We always have to tease Y! :P

That's for sure!  That Jenni!!! She needs to! :|

LOLLLLL  I'm sure you are. XD  And I'm sure you will!  Haha :P

But chatting is so much more fun, right?:P

No! >:]

Well, don't hesitate to say your answer, now.:P