Welcome to Rin-Sess Sanctuary!

Hey members, a warm welcome to all the existing 'members' who have registered with us so far 

Thank you so much for joining and I hope everyone have fun chatting and browsing with Rin-Sess.

 Thank you, have fun browsing 

11 Mar 2012

Hello members!

A quick warm welcome to all the new members, DarkRoseTears, squeekers7304, Athena Knightstar, Yapathetik-wolvezY and Nstone53

Thank you for joining  RinSess and I hope you guys are having fun here :-)

What do you guys think of RinSess so far? We are still developing this place and soon enough we will start to bring in more activities such as contests.

Please stay with us for more fun in the near future :-)

Here’s a quick highlight of a few changes that RinSess has made.



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