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10 Apr 2012
Yes! About time someone suggested it
60% (3 votes)
Hellz No!!
0% (0 votes)
The Time isn't Right
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5
9 Apr 2012


Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby

Apparently, I'm having trouble getting flames. Like good ones, telling me things such as

"you suck!! your story sucks, you need to crawl in a hole and die..-blahblahblah-"

So fellow Sess/Rin writers, have you guys ever acquired any flames? Anyone want to tell me their personal experience? And how you went about acquiring one.

If i ask enough times, will people get pissed enough to flame me?

All I'm asking for, is one damn good flame!! >:]

8 Apr 2012

Well, today we were all chatting pretty good and for a long time without Jennibee.  And then when Jenni comes, we all suddenly leave.  Am I the only one who notices that we have a knack for avoiding Jennibee?

7 Apr 2012

Collaboration of Great Minds

Submitted by MrsMangopuff

Hello everyone,

Okay this my first time creating a forum. So I don't really know how this works. Please bear with me.

I've written some Sess/Rin stories, and ever since I started I've been wanting to collaborate with other authors. I know it seems difficult with so many different opinions and points of view, but I really think if we work together we could come up with a great story. The more the merrier! 

5 Apr 2012

Fanfic and Fanart Feature 1

Submitted by kkoorime


Hi everyone!

This is kkoorime here.  Some of you might not know me because I'm invisible most of the time, but I'm supposed to help Jenni admin the site.  (Take note, "supposed"​, because I kinda disappeared these past few weeks. ^^)

Anyway, I am now back and catching up with my online life, and I have something for you guys...


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