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18 Sep 2012

It's Been So Long!!! ^_^

Submitted by Coka Cookie Cola

I bet you guys thought that I was wiped clean off the Earth XD Well, clearly that isn't the case.

 Anyways, I posted my new chapter of A Love To Honour up on Fanfiction. Go check it out :) I worked super hard on it this time around! Sesshy and Rin for the win! :) 

 Just to let you know though it's almost a third done.. So roughly twenty chapters left until that sequel is done! Can't believe it...

14 Sep 2012

"2012 The Top 50 Most Handsome Guy in Japan's Anime/Manga "


Can any of you guess who #1 is?  You'll probably be shocked.  I know I am...

But yeah... this is more of a popularity poll than anything.

Ranking in descending order:


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