10 May 2016

Love is in the air by Asurama

Submitted by icegirljenni


We don't need to be in February to share the love no? Love is in the air and when we feel loved we must share the love to the needed one. 

So today I am sharing my best friend's love to everyone who has a bad day today. This is a gorgeous work done by Asurama, my dear on dA. This fanart is one of the entry of our Rin-Sess dA group, Love is in the air contest on February 2014.


I am so in love with the background of this fanart, it makes me feel so peacefully love. Rin kimono is so lovely and that the fact she is bare foot is just so Rin. The flowers, the butterfly and everything in this fanart are perfectly done. Well done dear friend Asurama.


Check our for more stunning work from Asurama on dA :-)


So until then, see you all again later and good night.