29 Apr 2016

Lady Rin and her family

Submitted by icegirljenni


Good evening everyone! 

I am waving goodbye to Friday and welcoming my long weekend! We are celebrating Labor day here Malaysia & couple of Asian countries. How about you all? Is Labor day of yours also fall on 1st of May? 

I can't wait to recharge myself. I am drained from the workloads personal issue, hopefully after this long weekend I will have more will to face all the problem around me.

How's you all plan the long weekend? Do share with me ya :-)


Tonight I bring you a beautiful picture from KarinaAvitia :D She drew Rin so elegant isn't it? Visit her KarinaAvitia's gallery to browse for more #Sesshoumaru and #Rin fanarts! Give KarinaAvitia more love so that she will continue to draws more for us :D


Good night everyone! See ya.