13 Apr 2014

Inuyasha Drama CD available for download

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hey guys! We have a good news for all the Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru and Rin fans out there!

The long awaiting Drama CD audios are now available for download. All thanks to 馨子, a good friend of mine from China. 

She is hoping that we will all enjoy these drama CD especially the proposal part from Sesshoumaru. 

So without further delay, here are the audio files for the Inuyasha Drama CD:-




1. The Start of the Future from Tomorrow

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The translation: 

Kagome: Inuyasha, I’m sorry… were you waiting long? 

Inuyasha: Kagome… You idiot, what have you been up to? 

Shippou: Kagome! 

Sango: Kagome-chan! 

Miroku: It’s been a while, Kagome-sama. 

Kagome: Miroku-sama! Sango-chan! Shippou-chan! I’m back!

During the three years I was gone, some things had changed.

In order to become a fine fox youkai, Shippou started leaving the village frequently to train.

Miroku-sama and Sango-chan also built a very lively, large family.

And while under the instruction of Kaede-baa-chan, I’ve been learning to make medicines and helping with purifications.

Rin-chan has also been living under Kaede-baa-chan’s custody. 

Kagome: I thought she’d go with Sesshoumaru. 

Inuyasha: Kaede-babaa said that it seems like practice for returning her to a human village, so that she can make her own choice. 

Jaken: Ah, Sesshoumaru-sama, Kagome has returned! 

Sesshoumaru: Hmph. 

Kagome: Onii-saan! 

Sesshoumaru: Hngh… 

Kagome: Huh, he made a really mean face. And Inuyasha, so are you. 

Inuyasha: That had a nasty ring to it. 

Jaken: How you dare be so familiar with him! I should teach you a lesson! 

Sesshoumaru: Silence, or I’ll kill you. 

Kagome: From now on, things are also going to gradually change.

I’m going to live here, along with Inuyasha.

Our days together will continue to grow.

Inuyasha and I… are bound to tomorrow.




2. The Day After Tomorrow’s Discussion

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The translation: 


Rin: Kagome-sama. 

Kagome: What is it, Rin? 

Rin: Kagome-sama and Inuyasha-sama are already married, right? 

Kagome: Huh? Well… you could call it that. 

Rin: So when the time came, how did he say it? 

Kagome: What? 

Rin: How did Inuyasha-sama tell you he wanted you two to become husband and wife? 

Kagome: Wait, you’re talking about a proposal, right? Let me think… Ah! No, he never did propose to me! 

Rin: What’s wrong, Kagome-sama? 

Rin: Ah, Kagome-sama! 

Kagome: Inuyasha! 

Inuyasha: Hm? What’s up, Kagome? 

Kagome: Inuyasha, you… you never proposed! 

Inuyasha: Huh? I never fought “Kuro Bouzu” (Black Monk)? Now that you mention it, I really have never fought that. So, what kind of youkai is this “Kuro Bouzu”? 

Kagome: It’s not a youkai, it’s a proposal. It’s something you have to do before you get married. 

Inuyasha: Oh, so it’s a youkai that appears before you get married. All right, then I’ll finish it off! 

Kagome: “Finish it…”? Forget it. Come over here. 

Inuyasha: Where? Where is it? 

Kagome: Stop running around! I’m right here, you know! 

Inuyasha: Ah?! Kagome, are you being posessed by that “Kuro Bouzu”? 

Kagome: No! I didn’t say “Kuro Bouzu” I said “puropoozu” (propose)! 

Inuyasha: “Ku-ro Bou-zu”, right? 

Kagome: Listen to me, I’ll say it slowly. 

Inuyasha: Okay. 

Kagome: Pu 

Inuyasha: Ku 

Kagome: ro 

Inuyasha: ro 

Kagome: po 

Inuyasha: Bo 

Kagome: zu 

Inuyasha: zu! 

Kagome: Sigh… can’t be helped. 

Inuyasha: Perfect! 

Kagome: You are so outrageously wrong. Are your ears plugged? 

Inuyasha: Oh, I picked out a big wad of earwax before. Since it was so big, it seemed like a waste to throw it away, so I put it back in my ear. 

Kagome: Don’t put it back in! Sit! 

Inuyasha: Gyah! 

Shippou: Inuyasha is such a moron. So what you say before becoming husband and wife is called “Kuro Bouzu”. I see… I learned another new word today.

Sesshoumaru: Jaken. 

Jaken: What is it, Sesshoumaru-sama? 

Sesshoumaru: How old are you now? 

Jaken: Oh, I’d say around 7-800 years. 

Sesshoumaru: After remaining single for so many years, have you ever had second thoughts? 

Jaken: Such a question, Sesshoumaru-sama! For hundreds of years now I have been wholeheartedly following you, Sesshoumaru-sama. Could I possibly start to have any misgivings about that now? I, Jaken, absolutely do not consider myself alone! I have always been with Sesshoumaru-sama, so for you to say such a thing… Oh… Oh! Could it be…! Ben-ben-ben-ben-ben, “‘Cut your ties and separate’ are words for a small youkai.” Bennn… “But to me those words may as well say ‘die’.” But Jaken would hear ‘darling’, ben-ben, yo- yo-yo-yo— 

Sesshoumaru: Die. “Darling”. 

Jaken: You’re mean! So mean! 

Sesshoumaru: I, Sesshoumaru… have second thoughts. 

Jaken: Ah? And by that you mean…? 

Sesshoumaru: The time… has come. 

Jaken: Eh? For what? 

Sesshoumaru: The time has come… for me to have a talk with Rin. 

Jaken: Oooh-ho-ho-ho, you mean that? You’re finally going to ask her to live with you as your bride rather than live in the human village… 

Sesshoumaru: However, I cannot think of the right words. 

Jaken: I know, right? Someone like you couldn’t possibly think of how to say something like that. 

Sesshoumaru: What should I say? 

Jaken: Don’t ask me. I’ve been a bachelor for 800 years. It would probably really be best to ask your mother… 

Sesshoumaru: Hmph… 

Jaken: GEEEEEEEEHHHH! It’s way too dangerous to just go swinging Bakusaiga around like that! 

Sesshoumaru: Let’s go, Jaken. 

Jaken: Eh? Where to? 

Sesshoumaru: To Hell. 

Jaken: Hell? But, how? 

Sesshoumaru: Do not worry. I have the Meidou Stone here. 

Jaken: Oooh, that’s the Meidou Stone that your mother had. So, what are we going to Hell for? 

Sesshoumaru: Father’s grave. 

Jaken: Oh, I see, a visit to his grave. If we’re coming from Hell, I’m sure it would be a simple matter to reach the boundary between this world and the next where your father’s grave resides. 

Sesshoumaru: If I ask Father, then perhaps… 

Jaken: Huh? Ask what? 

Sesshoumaru: Let’s go. 

Jaken: Ah, yes!




3. Beloved, Why Are You Going on a Journey?

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The translation: 


Miroku: Atta girl, let’s fly~ Whee! Sigh… 

Sango: What’s wrong? Why are you sighing? 

Miroku: I don’t know why, but even though the Kazaana in my hand has been gone for three years, it feels like a Kazaana is beginning to form in my heart. 

Sango: A Kazaana in your heart? 

Miroku: When did I so willingly start to lead this kind of life… 

Sango: And what do you mean by that?! 

Miroku: I must still practice to achieve greatness! 

Shippou: Hey, stupid monk! 

Miroku: What do you want, Shippou? 

Shippou: You’ve been dabbling in your lecherous ways again, haven’t you? 

Miroku: What sort of nonsense are you spouting, Shippou?! 

Shippou: I know all about it! Two days after you and Inuyasha finished slaying that youkai, you were flirting with a bunch of women… 

Miroku: That was just the owner entertaining us! 

Shippou: Don’t make excuses! (I wanted to drink and join in the fun, too) 

Miroku: If you saw that, why didn’t you come and join in the fun? 

Shippou: I’m going to become a great fox youkai, so I’m in training right now! 

Miroku: As am I! 

Shippou: Then you should have thought a bit harder! 

Miroku: You’re right. From now on, I’ll be stricter with myself. 

Shippou: It’s true what they say, that men are always smug. 

Miroku: You’re the smug one! Come on, little princesses, let’s slay the fox youkai! 

Twin 1: Slay Shippou! 

Shippou: What?! What! 

Twin 2: Slay Shippou! 

Shippou: What are these twins trying to do to me?! Ah, don’t touch my eyeballs! Ah, leave my eyeballs alone! 

Shippou: With that, I’m going out for a bit. 

Sango: Ah, wait! There’s a good little boy. Just a moment, dear… I mean Houshi-sama! 

Shippou: Hey, Sango, carrying a baby on your back is fine, but why are you carrying Hiraikotsu, too? Hey, wait! What about the twins?! Ah, they already left… 

Twins: Slay Shippou! 

Shippou: It’s gonna break! You’re gonna break my tail! 

Inuyasha: What are you doing, Shippou?! 

Twins: Doggy! Doggy! 

Inuyasha: Yes, yes, you go play over theeeere. 

Shippou: I’m saved… 

Inuyasha: What, so Sango and Miroku aren’t here? 

Shippou: What do you need? 

Inuyasha: I was wondering if they knew what this “Kuro Bouzu” youkai thing was. I have to defeat it. 

Shippou: “Kuro Bouzu”? That moron, thinking that she said “Kuro Bouzu”. 

Inuyasha: Do you know anything? 

Shippou: I do! But, Inuyasha, it’s not a youkai. 

Inuyasha: Really? Kagome also said it wasn’t a youkai. 

Shippou: Right, right. With both Miroku and Inuyasha, I don’t know what to say. I pity Kagome and Sango. 

Inuyasha: Well, you’re supposed to slay it before “kekkon” (marriage).

Shippou: “Kekkon” (bloodstain)? I can smell blood on your words! 

Inuyasha: Right! I have the feeling it’s a strong opponent. 

Shippou: It’s definitely a strong opponent. Especially since the opponent is Miroku… 

Inuyasha: Miroku?! 

Shippou: Can you think of another black-haired monk? 

Inuyasha: I see. Even though he’s a monk, he still has his hair. 

Shippou: And doesn’t he also wear black clothes? 

Inuyasha: Then there’s no mistake. But why did Kagome say he should be finished off? 

Shippou: Uh… I’m still a kid, so I’m not familiar with these things between adults. 

Inuyasha: A thing between adults, huh? I don’t get it, but this has to be how it’s done! Let’s go, Shippou! Let’s finish Miroku off! 

Shippou: Haha, making Inuyasha and Miroku fight will cause the bad feeling in my heart… no, in the girls’ hearts, too, to disappear.

Kagome: What’s wrong with Inuyasha?! 

Rin: I’m sorry, Kagome-sama. It’s all Rin’s fault for asking a silly question. 

Kagome: Don’t worry. Inuyasha’s the one at fault here. 

Sango: Kagome-chan. 

Kagome: Sango-chan? 

Sango: Have you seen my hus… ah, no, have you seen Houshi-sama?

Kagome: No. 

Sango: How strange. I could have sworn I saw him walk this way. 

Rin: What happened? 

Sango: I have no idea why, but he just suddenly said he was going out. His actions were a little odd. 

Kagome: Right… even after three years of marriage, things like this still happen… 

Sango: And he said something about a Kazaana in his heart. How do you handle that? 

Rin: A Kazaana in his heart? 

Kagome: Sango-chan, when Miroku-sama proposed to you, before you became husband and wife, what did he say? Still that same old, “Please bear my children”? 

Sango: Huh? Why are you suddenly asking this? 

Kagome: Inuyasha hasn’t proposed to me yet! 

Sango: Well… he said something like, “Once everything is over, we’ll get married.” 

Kagome: Ah, that’s not bad. 

Rin: It must be nice! 

Sango: But these past three years, he says his heart feels empty. 

Kagome: It’s not like that! You’re probably misunderstanding! Miroku-sama wouldn’t say something like that! 

Sango: You sure? 

Kagome: I’m positive! 

Sango: I’ve always trusted him. Not to mention, he was the one who gave me the hope to keep living. 

Kagome: Then let’s go find him, Sango-chan! You’ll eventually see that everything was just a misunderstanding. Rin-chan, you come, too. 

Rin: Right!

Miroku: Color is empty, emptiness is color. Is this all just an illusion? 

Shippou: Found him, Inuyasha! 

Inuyasha: Hey, Miroku! 

Miroku: What is it, Inuyasha? I’m in the middle of something. 

Inuyasha: Enough with that garbage! Fight me! 

Miroku: Fight? Oh, you’re so prepared to declare war. Then I accept, Inuyasha! 

Shippou: Look at that attitude! There’s no mistake, he’s the “Black Monk”! No, he’s already become the Dark Monk! 

Inuyasha: Let’s go! 

Miroku: Ha-ha-ha. I give you three “ha”s. Taste my attack! Slay, stink bomb! 

Inuyasha: It stinks like hell! 

Miroku: This is specially-made for youkai with strong senses of smell. It contains kusaya, garlic, soft-shell turtle, beetle, ladybugs, stink bugs… and a lot of other smelly things. With my special skills, I can create… the strongest stink bomb! 

Inuyasha: I’ll leave it to you, Tessaiga. KAZE NO KIZU! 

Miroku: I knew you were going to use that! Talisman! 

Shippou: He put a spell on Tessaiga! 

Miroku: Even though my Kazaana is gone, I still haven’t lost my holy powers! 

Inuyasha: Tessaiga’s youkai power has been sealed! 

Shippou: Ugh… Tessaiga returned to a normal sword. 

Inuyasha: Only you would do such a despicable thing! 

Miroku: Ha-ha-ha. I give you three “ha”s. This fulfilling feeling, the feeling of victory. This is the anxious feeling I was searching for! 

Inuyasha: Then, SANKON TESSOU! 

Miroku: Dodge! 

Inuyasha: HIJIN KESSOU! 

Miroku: Dodge! 

Inuyasha: Sankon Tessou! Hijin Kessou! 

Miroku: Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! 

Inuyasha: You bastard, you only know how to dodge! 

Miroku: When will you understand that this is futile? After so many years of friendship, I have already seen all your moves! 

Inuyasha: Tessaiga’s sheath! 

Miroku: Ah, ow! I can’t believe you threw the sheath. 

Shippou: He did it! He defeated the “Kuro Bouzu”! 

Miroku: You keep saying “Kuro Bouzu”. What is that? 

Inuyasha: It’s you, isn’t it? It must be you! 

Miroku: Me? I’ve never been called “Kuro Bouzu”. 

Inuyasha: What? 

Shippou: Making excuses again? Miroku, didn’t you abandon Sango to go flirt with other women? A womanizer like you is no doubt the “Black Monk”. No, you should be the “Lecherous Monk”! 

Miroku: This is all a misunderstanding! I was just recently thinking that my body reflexes are getting a bit slow, so came here to practice. Not to mention, weren’t you the one who said I wasn’t practicing enough, Shippou? 

Shippou: He saw right through me… 

Inuyasha: Shippou, you bastard, you’ve got some explaining to do… 

Shippou: Ah, this is just one of the tests for fox youkai to complete… 

Inuyasha: Then you were lying to me from the start! 

Shippou: What? Ah! *poof* The weather is so nice… 

Inuyasha: Nice my ass! 

Shippou: Such nice weather… 

Kagome: Inuyasha! 

Sango: Houshi-sama! 

Inuyasha: This is bad, it’s Kagome! I haven’t found the “Kuro Bouzu” yet! 

Miroku: Sango is coming, too. I finally found the fullness, anxiety, and victoriousness that I’d been missing, and now I have to go back to the peaceful, happy family again. I haven’t had enough yet! 

Inuyasha: What do we do, Miroku? 

Miroku: There’s only one answer. We hide! 

Inuyasha: Where do we hide? 

Miroku: Inuyasha, use Meidou Zangetsuha. We’ll run to Hell! 

Inuyasha: I didn’t think of that! How do I take this seal off? 

Miroku: Oh, okay, I’ll take it off. 

Inuyasha: Then let’s try… MEIDOU ZANGETSUHA! 

Miroku: Now, let’s go! 

Shippou: Quickly, everyone, they’re escaping to Hell! 

Kagome: Why are they going to such a weird place? 

Rin: It’ll close soon! 

Sango: Then we can only jump! 

Shippou: Jump!




4. Father ~ Love Trouble

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The translation: 

Sesshoumaru: Father… 

Jaken: Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama… 

Sesshoumaru: This is something I have never wanted to say until now. 

Jaken: Ohhhh, I just realized! I’ve seen a scene like this before! 

Sesshoumaru: Father… that human woman called Izayoi… 

Jaken: It’s “Fukai Mori”! 

Sesshoumaru: Just what did you say to her? 

Jaken: ~Boku-tachi wa minna ikiteiru… ikiteiru kara nakushiteku~ 

Sesshoumaru: Would you just disappear and die?! 

Jaken: YAAAAAGH! He sliced me as soon as he turned around! 

Sesshoumaru: Be silent, Jaken. 

Jaken: Ah, but, but, but, but, but… 

Sesshoumaru: Oh… Father… 

Jaken: Ah… that’s… 

Sesshoumaru: Inuyasha…! 

Jaken: Ah… 

Sesshoumaru: Father…! Father’s remains…! 

Jaken: Oh nooo! Sesshoumaru-sama’s father’s remains have been completely flattened! 

Inuyasha: Ow, ow, ow… Hey, where are we? 

Miroku: Where indeed… though I seem to remember this place. 

Kagome: Ah, this place is… where Inuyasha’s Tessaiga was hidden… 

Sango: And where he got Kongousouha… 

Shippou: It’s Inuyasha’s dad’s grave. 

Inuyasha: It sure looks like it. 

Sesshoumaru: BAKUSAIGA! 

Inuyasha: Hey you… what the hell are you doing, Sesshoumaru?! 

Rin: Sesshoumaru-sama! 

Sesshoumaru: Rin, I should not have left you at that human village. 

Jaken: Hey, you people, just what do you think you’ve done?! 

Inuyasha: Done what? 

Jaken: You people have completely crushed Sesshoumaru-sama’s father’s remains into itty-bitty pieces! 

Inuyasha: What?! Dad’s remains?! 

Miroku: It’s strange, though. We should have gone to Hell, so why did we fall here? 

Jaken: It must be because the desire of the Meidou Stone that Sesshoumaru-sama holds brought you here. 

Inuyasha: Then doesn’t that mean it’s not just our faults? 

Sesshoumaru: Silence, Inuyasha. I will give you certain death. 

Inuyasha: Keh. I didn’t mean to. 

Jaken: If you had meant to do this, you’re worse than Naraku! 

Inuyasha: I get it, so can’t I just apologize? Soo-rryy. 

Sesshoumaru: Now fix it, Inuyasha. 

Kagome: That’s hardly an apology, Inuyasha 

Inuyasha: Eh? Eh, eh?! 

Sesshoumaru: You’re in the way, Kagome. 

Kagome: No, you’re going to let me speak to him, Onii-san. 

Sesshoumaru: Wha…?! 

Kagome: While we can’t do anything about your usual violent behavior, when you apologize you should show some courtesy, don’t you think? 

Sango: That’s right. If you’re going to apologize, it must be sincere. 

Kagome: Words, you know, they have power, like they house a bit of your soul. And I don’t sense a single ounce of that from you. 

Sango: And skimping on the words is no good, either. There’s no way to know what you’re thinking, we have to know what you mean when we hear it, otherwise it’s pointless! Misunderstanding something important is the most unforgiveable thing! 

Miroku: Sango… why did that seem to be directed at me? 

Sango: You’re not getting away from this. 

Miroku: I’m just saying… I got caught up in an old habit, so you can’t judge me just on— 

Jaken: If this is a domestic dispute, save it for another time. 

Inuyasha: That’s right! So why the hell are you all ganging up on me? 

Sesshoumaru: That is correct. The one who should be chastizing Inuyasha is me. 

Rin: Wait, Sesshoumaru-sama! 

Sesshoumaru: Rin. 

Rin: If we need to settle this, Rin has a suggestion. 

Inuyasha: A suggestion? 

Sesshoumaru: What is it? Tell me. 

Rin: Everyone should have a tongue-twister contest. 

Everyone: Eeeeehhh?! 

Jaken: That’s a bit… 

Kagome: That method seems a bit shallow, too. 

Rin: And whoever loses has to put Inuyasha-sama and Sesshoumaru-sama’s father’s skeleton back together. 

Miroku: Back together… but it’s quite large, this skeleton. 

Shippou: Miroku, I think we should go along with Rin’s suggestion. Defusing the situation between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru any other way would get ugly. 

Miroku: You certainly have a point. We accept. 

Kagome: Sango-chan and I accept, too. 

Jaken: This is crazy. You intend to make a joke of this?! 

Sesshoumaru: Jaken. Do you object? 

Jaken: Of course not. I wholeheartedly accept. 

Inuyasha: Hah. If that’s how it’s going to be, then let’s do it. 

Rin: Okay, then Rin will start: Ao Jaken-sama aka Jaken-sama ki Jaken-sama. Oya saimyoushou ko saimyoushou mago saimyoushou. Tonari no aun wa yoku kakiku aun da! *pant* I did it! 

Jaken: Just a minute there, Rin. Was that really a tongue-twister? 

Rin: Yup! 

Jaken: You fool! That’s hardly a tongue-twister. She really is just a child. If you want to become a high-level daiyoukai like me, you will have to be able to say a great many kinds of tongue-twisters. 

Rin: Eeeh? Like what? 

Jaken: Such as… Uirouuri! 

Kagome: Uirouuri?! I heard about that from Yuka-chan, who wants to be an announcer. It’s a super- long tongue-twister, taking over five minutes to say, so it’s super hard! 

Jaken: I can say it… in five seconds. 

Kagome: No way! 

Jaken: Ready? Sessha oyakata to mousu wa otachiai no uchi ni uirou wa irassharimasenu ka. Done! 

Everyone: So fast! 

Rin: Amazing! I knew you could do it, Jaken-sama! 

Kagome: But that’s cheating! Plus that’s nothing like a tongue-twister. 

Miroku: Now, now, let’s be good sports about this. Now it’s my turn. Namamugi namagome namadamago, kimusume kijoui kibidango, bouzu ga byoubu ni jouzuna bouzu no ei wo kaita. Haha, that’s how you do it. 

Everyone: Ooooh. 

Shippou: Now it’s my turn! Kono takegaki ni take tatekaketa no wa take tatekaketakatta kara take tatekaketa. Tsukizuki ni tsukimiru tsuki wa ookeredo tsukimiru tsuki wa kono tsuki no tsuki. 

Everyone: Ooooh! 

Sango: All right, let’s keep it up. Kaeru pyoko-pyoko mi pyoko-pyoko awasete pyoko-pyoko mu pyoko-pyoko. Dojou nyoro-nyoro mi nyoro-nyoro awasete nyoro-nyoro mu nyoro-nyoro. 

Everyone: Ooooh! 

Kagome: Now it’s me! Supein no ame wa omo ni hiro ni furu! (The rain in Spain falls mainly out in the open) 

Everyone: … Eh? 

Kagome: Haatofoodo to henrii foodo to hanpushaa de wa metta ni harikeen wa okinai! (In Hertford, Henry Ford, and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen) 

Shippou: Kagome… what exactly was that? 

Kagome: They’re English tongue-twisters. 

Inuyasha: So it was some weird language?! 

Kagome: But if you say them in English they’re a lot harder. 

Inuyasha: This is pathetic, okay, out of the way, I’ll go. Inu mo arukeba bou ni ron yori shouko hana yori dango nikumarekko yo ni habakaru he wo hitte shiri subomeru toshiyori no hiyamizu! 

Kagome: Hang on a minute! Those are just alphabet flashcard problems! 

Inuyasha: But what do you think? I did them really fast, right? 

Shippou: No, that’s not what makes a tongue-twister. 

Miroku: It needs to be harder to say, using words that make you bite your tongue when you say them quickly. 

Inuyasha: Who decided that? 

Sango: “Who”? That’s how it’s always been. 

Inuyasha: Heh, I’ve never heard that rule. Let me just pick out my ear and… ooh, another big clump! 

Kagome: Sit. 

Inuyasha: Gyaah! 

Sesshoumaru: Hmph. As usual, you are all completely pathetic. Are you even capable of saying a satisfactory tongue-twister? 

Inuyasha: What? 

Jaken: Ooh, Sesshoumaru-sama is all fired up! Is he finally going to give it his all? 

Sango: Since Sesshoumaru usually hardly ever says anything, can he really do tongue-twisters? 

Miroku: You can’t ever really tell if someone is skilled in that field… 

Shippou: If he is, we’ll have to see! 

Kagome: What kind of tongue-twister would Onii-san say? 

Sesshoumaru: Rin. Listen carefully. 

Rin: Right! 

Sesshoumaru: Let’s go. Peroperopero. 

Everyone: … Eh?! 

Rin: Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin feels so bashful! 

Everyone: Eeeeeh?! 

Sesshoumaru: Let’s go, Jaken. 

Jaken: Heh? 

Sesshoumaru: Our business here is done. 

Rin: Then I’ll announce the results! The winner is… Sesshoumaru-sama! 

Shippou: Well… that makes sense. 

Sango: He was so fast, we couldn’t even hear it. 

Miroku: I guess we can only admit defeat. 

Rin: And the loser who has to put the skeleton back to normal is… brrrrring, naturally Inuyasha-sama and Kagome-sama! 

Inuyasha/Kagome: Why us?!

5. Epilogue ~ When the Day After Tomorrow Becomes the Next Day After Tomorrow

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The translation: 

Kagome: In the end, Inuyasha and I were tasked with restoring his father’s remains back to normal. 

Inuyasha: Agh, dammit, even if we build this forever, we’ll never be done! 

Kagome: It’s all right, Inuyasha. We could be collecting shards of the Shikon no Tama. Compared to that, this is easy. 

Inuyasha: What’s up, Kagome? You seem to be having a lot of fun. Did something good happen? 

Kagome: Hm. Actually, I recorded Onii-san’s tongue-twister with a voice recorder! 

Inuyasha: V.. voi… vo… What’s that? 

Kagome: Hm, I’ll explain later. But I can play back his words at super-slow speed. 

Inuyasha: Oh, oh, let me listen, too! 

Kagome: Yeah? Okay, here goes. 

Sesshoumaru: Rin, have you grown accustomed to life in the village? 
No one is bullying you or anything? 
Did you make a kimono out of the cloth I gave you the other day?
When you are troubled, or anxious, or sad, or any other time, feel free to call on me.
I will come to you immediately.
Even if we are far apart, if you call my name I will absolutely come flying to you.
If you cannot speak, you can whistle. Whistle through your fingers, if you like.
Distance is no object. Our hearts are tied together.
With the power of trust, there is nothing to fear.
Simply having that feeling should be enough to fill your heart.
That is why it is fine for things to remain as they are for now.
We have plenty of time.
You can examine your heart at your own pace.
Until then, take care of yourself. 

Kagome: The power of trust, huh? No matter the words, that’s what’s most important, right? 

Kagome: So, wasn’t that nice, Inuyasha? 

Inuyasha: … Keh! That right there wasn’t a tongue-twister, though! 

Kagome: You’re right. It was more like a proposal. 

Inuyasha: Kuro Bouzu?! So that’s the Kuro Bouzu?! SANKON TESSOU! 

Kagome: UWAAH! What did you just do?! You broke it, you idiot!

Inuyasha: Eeegh! I was… just slaying the Kuro Bouzu! 

Kagome: Right, right, the “Kuro Bouzu”, the “Kuro Bouzu”. That’s what started this whole thing, right?! 

Inuyasha: Ow, ow, ow, don’t pull on my ears, Kagome! 

Kagome: Now lay your head in my lap! 

Inuyasha: Cut it out… 

Kagome: Okay, guchaguchagucha! 

Inuyasha: Ahhaaa! 

Kagome: And then the other side, guchaguchagucha! 

Inuyasha: It tickles… You’re tickling me! 

Kagome: And now I’ve pulled out all that accumulated earwax! So listen closely, Inuyasha. 

Inuyasha: Wh… why? 

Kagome: O… su… wa… ri. 

Inuyasha: GYAAAH!
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