8 Jan 2013

Inuyasha drama CD

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Inuyasha Wideban announcement.

Dated 27th October 2012

In Shonen Sunday 2012 #48, Shokagukan has announced that as part of the celebration of Rumiko Takahashi's 35th anniversary as a manga-ka, the Inuyasha manga is set to be republished in Wideban format starting in January, 2013

Wideban is a manga that printed in larger size (A5 size) than the regular manga version. If you want to know more about wideban format ~click here~ for more info.


Drama CD schedule to release in Jan 2013

Dated 30th October 2012

In addition to the aforementioned wideban editions of Inuyasha, an all new drama CD will be released for those that order the complete, 30 volume set. A new volume will be released each month starting January 18, 2013. Preorders for the complete set will end on December 2nd. The drama CD will be an original story being released five years after the series ended. Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino are both confirmed to play Inuyasha and Kagome respectively.

This drama CD is not written by Rumiko herself and although I do believe so some says Rumiko probably still had to give the approval for the product. But no matter what, this drama CD is confirmed done by the screenwriters and directors of the anime, not Rumiko Takashi. 

This set of drama CD strictly Japanese only and I doubt it will be translated, nor will the drama CD ever get remade as an English version. Also, it is audio-only, so it can't be subtitled.

Drama CD basically is like an audio base story telling. It works like telling story through radio. Some say drama CD also categorize in reading the story on cd.

If you have no idea how this drama cd works, this is the sample, thanks to Divine Rose for the source Laughing out loud :



It sounds good but could be quite painful without the subtitle XD LOL

According to Rumiko Takashi site, you can pre order this drama cd before the end of December 2012 but the last I heard they extended the date to January. But then again this only work in Japan. As you will be assign to the nearest store in Japan.

According to ~Kinuyara, a member of deviantArt who also shared the same news. The only reason why Rumiko related to this drama CD is with the reprinting of the story in the wideban format and of the giving of copies of the manuscripts of the final chapter she did that comes along with the drama CD.

Personally, I am not so excited with this drama CD since it was not written by Rumiko. The screen play casts has the control of the plot so even if the story goes beyond my expectation I think my dream of supporting Sess/Rin pairing will stills remain fresh Laughing out loud Not that I have 100% faith with Rumiko Tongue but the fact that she didn't decided on the storyline means a lot to me. Laughing out loud

I am sure many of you all heard about the re-make of Sailor moon right? It was not created by Naoko Takeuchi. It was developed by a group of Italian people. I have seen their trailer and noticed many modification were mad on their costumes. I am not impress to be honest. Everything not done by the original mangaka usually not attracted me Tongue

So whatever the outcome of this drama CD let's continue to support Sesshoumaru and Rin forever! Smile

Until I have more news to share, see ya! Laughing out loud


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Probably some time after it's released you'll be able to find a fansub of it on youtube.  The Castlevania one I showed you is fansubbed and has no official subbing, I do believe.

But yeah, not excited about this.  I loved the Castlevania one because of the charas involved and it was officially made by Konami, the ones who makes Castlevania, so it was good.  But by the cast?  I think it will be more of a parody than anything. XD LOL