20 Apr 2014

Happy Easter day!

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hey guys! To all the Sesshoumaru and Rin fans out there! :wave:

To thank everyone who has been supporting us since the beginning, I have a little gift prepared. 

To claim this special gift, please visit this journal => Inuyasha Drama CD- audio available for download!Hey guys! :wave:
We have a good news for all the Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru and Rin fans out there!  :D
The long awaiting Drama CD audios are now available for download. All thanks to 馨子, a good friend of mine from China. :huggle:
She is hoping that we will all enjoy these drama CD especially the proposal part from Sesshoumaru.  :aww:
So without further delay, here are the audio files for the Inuyasha Drama CD:-
1. The Start of the Future from Tomorrow
~Click here to download~
The translation:
Kagome: Inuyasha, I’m sorry… were you waiting long?
Inuyasha: Kagome… You idiot, what have you been up to?
Shippou: Kagome!
Sango: Kagome-chan!
Miroku: It’s been a while, Kagome-sama.
Kagome: Miroku-sama! Sango-chan! Shippou-chan! I’m back!
During the three years I was gone, some things had

I hope you all love the gift :aww:

Have a great Easter Day and enjoy the new week.

Don't forget to join out Easter event here => Mystery Egg Special Event (Q3 UP!)A small event I thought would be interesting to do for the Month of April, for us RinSess fans! Wohoo!
What is this egg, you ask?

HATCHES ON APRIL 27 This event and free adoptable Mystery egg is EXCLUSIVE only for members of :iconrinsesshoumaru: group. ADMINS/MODS are welcome too! :dummy: 
Sesshomaru's Lady Mother decided to deliver a strange egg to his son. But before Sesshomaru can ask what the hell was the egg for and why she gave it to him, she left.
He was about to throw the egg away, (or throw it at Jaken for being annoying, as usual), when Rin stopped him with her teary eyes.There might be a baby inside, Lord Sesshomaru!" She says.
Upon closer inspection, a strange sound can be heard inside...Was that a bark or a cry? The fluff underneath the egg was also not detachable. The egg was also very, VERY warm.
Confounded by the strange egg since Inu demons are technically mammals, and also because Rin wouldn't let
 host by :icondestinyrose09: 

Stay tune with us for more upcoming contest and all the fabulous prizes.

See ya soon! :wave: