8 May 2013

First writing contest (Voting)

Submitted by icegirljenni



Hello everyone! I hope you guys are fairing well. Sorry for the huge delay in hosting the First writing contest that ended in 3rd April 2013.

If you haven't read the contest entries check out the list of the entries here today (as below) :



Stuttering by ~anime-photo168

My Precious by ~SweetAyu

Who was right? by ~animegirl007


Now it is time to cast your vote. Read all of these stories and pick the story that fits the prompt 'Stuttering' perfectly.

Remember, you can only vote for one story. The story that has higher vote will be the first place winner, follow up by the second and third higher vote to fills up the second and third place.


*You have 1 week to vote. The vote is now officially started today, 9th May 2013 and will be end in 16th May 2013 GMT time.*


Happy reading and have fun voting.


I don't see an option to vote anymore.  Am I too late?  D:


I'll PM you my vote, admin-san.  Just tell me if it's still counted, alright?