19 Feb 2013

First writing contest

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello guys! :wave: How's everyone doing? I hope you guys enjoy the once shot manga which was translated in English earlier in February. If you still haven't read it yet click => and read it today! Remember you can read the manga these social networking sites too :  Photobucket    Photobucket    Photobucket    Photobucket    Photobucket      Photobucket      Photobucket

Now, we are here again for another contest and this time we will be hosting a writing contest. :peace:

The prompt for this writing contest is 'stuttering'

General Rules:

1) Story that sets in both Feudal Era and Alternative Universe are allow.
2) All ratings and genres are allow include MA rating story.
3) You must be a member of :iconrinsesshoumaru: group and Rin-Sess Fanfiction site.
4) Word count is 2000 ~ 3000 and the maximum you can go is 5000 words.
5) Stories must be Sess/Rin-centric. It is acceptable to include other characters (ex: Jaken, Ah-Un, non-canon children), but the focus must be on Sesshoumaru and Rin.
6) Story should fit the prompt ‘Stuttering’.
7) You must submit your original work and not copy any existing fanfic done by other artists.


1) You may submit your fanfic through February 20th 2012 and March 20th 2013.
2) Your entry should be posted on both :iconrinsesshoumaru: group in the ‘Contest 3’ folder and Rin-Sess Fanfiction site. You can read the guide of how to post your story on that site ~here~
3) Entries may be posted to other fanfiction sites for additional exposure.
4) You may submit only one entry.


1) There will be a first, second, and third place winners if there is enough entries. Each winner will receive a different gift according to their position as agreed by RinSesshoumaru admins.
2) Winner will be chosen by votes from our members here on dA.


1st place winner:

- You will get 400 dA points.
- A secret gift which will be revealed at the end of the contest.
- A banner to honored your winning.
- Your story will be featured in the :iconrinsesshoumaru: group and other social networking sites under Rin-Sess.com

2nd place winner:

- You will get 200 dA points.
- A banner to honored your winning.
- Your art will be featured in the :iconrinsesshoumaru: group.

3rd place winner:

- You will get 100 dA points.
- A banner to honored your winning.
- Your art will be featured in the :iconrinsesshoumaru: group.


The last day for you to submit your story is on March 20th 2013, 11.59pm, GMT time. Any story we receive after the deadline will not be counted.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the co-admins of the RinSesshoumaru group. We will get back to you as soon as we can :aww:

Have fun and good luck everyone!