14 Jul 2013

A fictional interview with about Sesshoumaru/Rin.

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Rumiko said: "Their relationship was built on “savior” and “saved” 

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Now without further delay, this is the translated interview.


Interview with Takahashi Rumiko – a discussion about Sesshoumaru and Rin, and answers to reader’s questions

创作初衷---由铁碎牙带来的贵公子 (Initial idea --- The *Prince brought by Tetsusaiga )

(*note: The literal translation would be 贵公子 = young nobleman, but “prince” seems more appropriate in the context – besides Sesshoumaru is basically royalty anyway = w =)


Interviewer (represented as “I”): First of all, congratulations to Takahashi-sensei for your serialization entering its 7th years.

Takahashi Rumiko (represented as “T”): It’s all thanks to readers’ passion and support from the production side; otherwise I couldn’t have carried on for so long.

I: It’s been 7 years, Kagome should have graduated from University.

T: Yea, some readers even joked that they have grown from little girl to an aunty now and yet Kagome is still wearing a high school uniform. (lol)

I: Let our today’s main topic be on Sesshoumaru. Takahashi-sensei, did you know that Sesshoumaru’s popularity is very high~

T: The support rate from readers in a lot of magazine poll is almost as high as Inuyasha’s….ah, of course I have taken notice of this.

I: Then you must have put a lot of effort in creating this character in the beginning. It is also a character that came out quite early.

T: Actually at that time I did put too much thought into the character, since all my focus was on how to introduce Tetsusaiga. Seeing from the point of view of the Inuyasha, with his overconfidence, it is not likely he will go out of his way to find the weapon.

I: So that means it is Tetsusaiga that brought out the appearance of Sesshoumaru?

T: You can say that, and Sesshoumaru’s appearance also brought out the story of their deceased father. This also fills in Inuyasha’s origin and some of the blankness of his childhood.

I: Why didn’t you give this responsibility to Myoga? Wouldn’t that have been more convincing?

T: But Myoga does not hold a contrast with Inuyasha in terms of “the bonds with human”. Whenever Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga for the sake of protecting human, which is something that youkai don’t have and that’s why Sesshoumaru cannot obtain Tetsusaiga. It is also a hint for Inuyasha from their father.

I: Well after obtaining Tetsusaiga, then Sesshoumaru’s purpose should be considered completed.

T: Yes, the initial setting was like that. From his severed arm, proofed how powerful Tetsusaiga is, so is role should have been completed (lol) but who would have thought…

I: That there was such a strong reaction from the readers.

T: Exactly. A lot of readers’ mails were about wanting to know what happened to the *prince who lost his arm. 

I: Haha, you must have been pleasantly surprised!

T: I was a bit caught off guard too. Since my initial concept for the manga, he only had a small role. So I was thinking: how am I going to continue this now?

I: Just continue to use your previous setting!

T: A youkai that just debut and is super powerful……why did I make such an irresponsible setting?! (lol)


.杀生丸的再创作---和犬夜叉的羁绊 (Recreation of Sesshoumaru --- the bond with Inuyasha)

I: Then you must have added in more effort for the rest of the series?

T: Yes, but it is fine since there was also the setting of “son of the Lord of the Western Lands”, that should be a setting with enough potential to expand on. Then I also tried to make his fight with Inuyasha as smooth and logical as possible. 

I: Sensei’s recreation of Sesshoumaru also received recognition from the readers, right?

T: I was a bit worried at the beginning. (lol)  Every day I kept on getting caught up on little details like “What would he do?”, “Would he say something like this?” and such.

I: Oh! That’s a serious attitude!

I: So how was Sesshoumaru’s setting finally decided?

T: I should say it was a process of refinement and polishing. The beginning setting was as a type that is almost a complete opposite to Inuyasha – noble and magnificent, powerful, ruthless…

I: A Youkai close to perfection.

T: That is how it seems when compared with Inuyasha, but later on in the series the importance of “the bond with Inuyasha” was highlighted.

I: Oh? It’s difficult to imagine the situation. Why did you make such a setting?

T: Because he is just too strong! (lol)

I: Inuyasha would have a tough time if he became the enemy.

T: And this manga would have been long over.

I: And Naraku won’t even need to make an appearance. (lol)

I: Has Takahashi-sensei ever thought of putting the two brothers against each other?

T: Well the initial setting would have send Sesshoumaru down the path that is completely opposite to his younger brother. Seeing his belief for untarnished lineage and contempt for human is basically directed against Inuyasha (lol).

I: What changed it? Was it a request from readers?

T: Haha, there wasn’t so much influence. And if I were to really draw the story like that, the potential would be too limited. If I were to the story was to be told in only a few or a dozen chapters, it would be a disappointment to fans who truly likes this character. But if I use this as the main plot then it would be like a reuse of old idea and since there was never a plan of using Sesshoumaru as the main plot so I simply worked on creating a wonderful side plot.

I: For a long period of time, there were a lot of readers who complained that Sesshoumaru was given too little appearance.

T: Really? Well that can’t be helped (I: since he is a side character ^_^). I’ve structured his debut to be a young person out training and to look for his deceased father’s possession. Then a fight with his brother, so he and Inuyasha was just two parallel lines that just happened to intersect. Only after being manipulated by Naraku and finding a sword smith, did the two brother’s story start to move closer. But since it is difficult to arouse interest in Sesshoumaru other than things relating to his father, to make him part of the main plot was quite challenging.

I: Oh yea, the only weirdo in the whole series who has no interest in the Shikon no Tama!

T: On the other hand, that means Inuyasha has one less strong opponent to worry about.

: Inuyasha! Come and thank Takahashi-sensei!

I: Now Sesshoumaru is starting to take interest in what’s happening.

T: It is more like he is starting to take interest in things other than his father. Sesshoumaru is a youkai of “high standing”, so he would always look to a higher place, for example: his father. To him, an “aggregate of trash youkai” like Naraku is not someone worth his interest. At the same time, he is someone confident, and holds lineage as high importance and therefore has no interest in the Shikon no Tama that all other youkai craved.

I: I see. To him, the use of Shikon no Tama seems like a shameful thing or it may just mean that he has full confident in his own ability.

T: That’s why I’ve made Naraku dragged Sesshoumaru into this mess (lol).

I: The detachment, Kagura-san seems to have confident in Sesshoumaru! Was Takahashi-sensei worried that Sesshoumaru might not be bothered to seek out Naraku, So Kagura have to serve to provide many hints to him? (lol)

T: Hahaha, was it that obvious? Sesshoumaru’s priority right now is to seek revenge on Naraku, (I: Jaken was right!) after all Naraku did disgrace him, well at least that’s how he sees it. But Naraku himself also is quite appealing to him.

I: Then how about the dispute with Inuyasha? Will that also be resolve through dealing with Naraku?

T: Although they share a common goal, but if it is someone Sesshoumaru has decided to kill then he would definitely not let Inuyasha interfere. So the whole event may lead to them gaining some common ground but does not seem to serve any purpose in advancing their relationship (wry smile).

I: They might even end up fighting in front of Naraku for the chance to fight him…….

T: That’s definitely a possibility (lol)!


.关于人气角色"铃" (About the popular character – “Rin”)

I: It seems with Rin’s appearance, it really took Sesshoumaru’s popularity to a new level!

T: Hoho, it’s really good. I really like this cute character. The special relationship between her and Jaken and Sesshoumaru really created a lot of humors.

I: A lot of readers pointed out that since Rin’s appearance, Sesshoumaru seems gentler. What does Takahashi-sensei thinks?

T: Oh? It seems that girls do like gentle people more.

I: Sesshoumaru also seems different to how he debuted.

T: Yes, after experiencing things, he became stronger.

I: He is already very strong! Before this, he might be considered the most powerful character in the series!

T: But he considers himself inferior to his father, that’s why he went on a journey in search of certain something.

I: “Certain something”?

T: Although in terms of power he has reached a certain level but the strength of his heart is still a long way off. His feeling for his father includes infinite reverence and confusion. Because of reverence, he seeks power; because of confusion, he can not reach or surpass his father’s power. What he wants to found is possibly an answer, a possibility that will make him become truly powerful.

I: Then what is the purpose of putting in the character of Rin?

T: As the role of a bridge. It is only when he experienced certain things personally, then he will understands those past questions he has been confused with.

I: Rin is the girl that lived because of Sesshoumaru. Why did you make such a setting?

T: Their relationship was built on “savior” and “saved”. Sesshoumaru has experienced loneliness and fear which are the complete opposite to being cared by others and to bring happiness to other. Sesshoumaru’s encounter with Rin was an unexpected episode in his life that brought in different concepts. 

I: Like helping Inuyasha?

T: Hoho, that probably makes him be a bit more open towards his little brother. 

I: Then What about Rin, what does she represents?

T: The most primitive and innocent side of humanity. In front of Sesshoumaru, Rin also indicates the fragility of human. The question of how to treat Rin – is probably what he really needs to face and solve.

I: Like “Rin, go find your own food.”?

T: Haha. Learn to understand, learn to listen, learn to protect others, through Rin, Sesshoumaru was able to see the truth that he was blinded to and would be able to appreciate some subtle emotions of human.

I: Then what would the future be for the two of them?

T: Ah. Ah? Future? And for the both of them? How come I didn’t know? (lol)

I: A lot of readers are really optimistic about them. Is that what you have plan for them Takahashi-sensei?

T: Really? (lol) For the time being, Sesshoumaru will not move his focus away from Naraku.

I: Then how about if they are together? Have you imagined that?

T: There are lot of readers who have sent in stories they have thought of and I have read them, there are lots of very wonderful ones. If they do end up together, then is probably similar to how everyone has pictured it.


.读者的问题 (Questions from readers)

I: The followings are some topics that readers want to know. Well, they were chosen from fan mails , there were lots of fan mails.

T: Thank you everyone.

I: First of all is some basic setting questions: Exactly how old is Sesshoumaru? 

T: Exactly? Ah…well if it is in Youkai’s age then it is above 200 to 300 years old. If it is according to human age, then Sesshoumaru’s age is set to be around 18-19 years old.

I: What is that fluffy thing around his body?

T: Fur. His own. When he transformed he has a tail so usually he can use it as a weapon.

I: Did he paint on the moon and stripes on his face?

T: Those are markings of Youkai, they are on his hands as well. Inuyasha has them too, but only they come out when he has lost his mind.

I: What kind of position does he hold in the Western land?

T: Well, should be the crown prince. (I: This crown prince sure is laid back)

I: What kind of girl would Sesshoumaru likes?

T: Elegant and intelligent – ladylike……someone like Kikyo.

I: How was Sesshoumaru’s childhood?

T: He was a mature child ever since he was little. Not much fun and somewhat monotony.

I: What does he usually eat?

T: Water and fruits, occasionally animals.

I: What is his attitude towards other people?

T: Disdain and aloofness but will not randomly kill.

I: How does he view Rin?

T: An interesting human.

I: Thank you Takahashi-sensei for talking to us today. Please say something to your fans now.

T: First of all, I have to say that the above statements were not made by Takahashi Rumiko, but I, the chief author of Sesshoumaru Maru FAN. So basically this interview is fictional. It is my personal speculation on how I view Takahashi’s creation. So if anyone has any objection, don’t take it to Takahashi, please feel free to talk with me. Finally, I thank you on behalf of Takahashi Rumiko sensei for all the fan support and love for Sesshoumaru, and…ah…look over there! There is already an enthusiastic reader who is running over to give me a hug, and he is even holding a sword in his hand……WHAT! SWORD?! (Escaping) 


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