19 Sep 2012

Featured FanFiction 6

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello guys! How's everyone doing? Big smile Hopefully everyone has an enjoyable weekend! Laughing out loud

Another week another new story! This time I will bring you a new on going story. Laughing out loud

So ladies and gentlemen, this week we are featuring:


Marry You by Paizley

  Image © Kagome-Inuyashkina


Summary: Finally fed up, Sesshomaru turned around, his amber eyes blazing with anger, "Why are you following me?" He demanded, faltering as he looked back into her big, brown doe eyes. The little girl flashed him a bright smile, dimpling her rosy cheeks as she leaned up onto her toes to kiss his cheek, her five-year old mind made up. "Cause I'm going to marry you!"


Rated: Fiction T - Genre: Romance/Humor - Progress: Currently in Chapters: 2

Words: 4,028 - Updated: 09-16-12 - Published: 08-27-12





My comment:

Paizley is an awesome author! When her story listed under fluff, it will be so fluffy-filled it could fill a teddy bear! Big smile

Oh my god, the innocent of young Rin bugging young Sesshoumaru is so cute! I won't reveal much info from the story since it was only updated to chapter 2, head over to her story today and you will feel the fluffiness by yourself.

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Until then, see you guys next week for more story! Laughing out loud Cheers!