12 Jul 2012

Featured FanFiction 4

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello members! Smile How's everyone doing? I am back again for more featured story. Sorry for my absence. I haven't been really well recently. I have been under medication for almost a month due to allergy problem. Hopefully this going to be the last medication.

Alright, back to my post. I wanted to bring more old story to the site. There are a lot of good stories that I have saved long back and wish to share with everyone.

This week I kind of bring you all a rather sad story. I will post a warning so don't read it if you are not feeling comfortable alright?

Here I present you 'Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale ......'


Picture ©Daiana666

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The Little Mermaid by Cyndi
Summary: A first person retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's beloved tale: Rin is a young mermaid who sacrifices everything for Lord Sesshoumaru, the land dweller she comes to love. ONE SHOT
Rated: M   Language: English  Genre: Romance/Angst Words: 17,551  Published: 2-17-06  
Characters: Rin & Sesshomaru   Status: Complete Warnings: Character Death, Hurt/Comfort, Lemon
{My view of the story}
The little mermaid story is not a new tale to me, BUT to read it in Sesshoumaru/Rin version I have to say, this is really a sad and heartache story. Although knowing the storyline and the ending by heart, just by reading it again it stills make me cry.
Maybe I am fan of Sessh/Rin by heart, so to put both of them in this tragic tail of selfless love story it is making me even more sad. The effect from the story is too strong, so even though I filled my day with busy daily routine it stills failed to divert my attention away. Some people might say am sensitive but hey! This is human nature so cant help Tongue
I just don't believe that I cried for 'The little mermaid story...  Smile
It is worth reading even though the ending is sad. Recommended for readers who can take the warning well.
Have fun reading Smile