18 Jun 2012

Featured FanFiction 3

Submitted by icegirljenni

Attached picture  © Gorenute from DeviantArtHello members! Another week with two more awesome stories that I have been following since long back Laughing out loud

I am sure some of you have read her work but to the rest who have not feel free to check out her works.

Alright here we go!


Featured author of the week Mrs.Cebra


Featured stories:


universal knowledge

Summary: University offered them the possibility to learn, discover, debate, explore... but nobody ever said everything happened inside the classrooms.

Rated: T | Romance | Chapters: 15 (on going) Words: 50,564 | Updated: 5-30-12 | Published: 1-3-11

My view: Slow and steady moving plot but I love how the plot moving so far Laughing out loud At one point I thought this is a reincarnation story but it isn't! You gotta read it to find out what I mean Tongue Enjoy!


 Pride and Honor

Summary: Rin enlisted in the army to pay her father's operation, thinking it was probably the easiest money she'd ever make, however she didn't count on a cruel sergeant and an even worse major to make her welcome.

Rated: M | Romance/Adventure | Chapters: 8 (on going) | Words: 32,515 | Updated: 5-2-12 | Published: 4-12-11

My view: The strange relationship between a mayor and a young army? Awesome! The hidden plot drives me crazy and you gotta read it to know how interesting the story is Laughing out loud Check it out today!


ok jenni.

I have some questions about these stories before I try them.

1) do they have Sess being a player, have a former love, have any children with any previous women? treaqt rin like shit?

2) is rin a potty mouth. ignorant and retarded with a bad attitude. that takes all the mental and physical abuse from Sess just cause "wow, he's so freakin omg so sexy and hot!!"


I'm not Jenni, but I will answer to the best of my abilities.  I have read some of the stories.

1) I don't believe Sessh is a player, though I believe in one Rin wasn't his first.  Idk it doesn't focus on that.  And to my memory: No.  Though kinda in the military one, but that's just typical military treatment and I think he treats her better than he does others.  Not sure...

2) I think she says a bad word from time to time.  I don't think she does.  And no, I don't think she does that either.  Though I would wait for Jenni to tell you.:P

rin wasn't his first? Lol, well there are so many that are like that isn't there? xD oh well the military one i understand if he's hard on her, but I don't expect her to treat her like shit without just cause. Lol. I read a few chapters for that one but I stopped.

oh i don't mind if its from time to time but gosh, some stories I hate cause of her attitude.

Lol have you read those stories though? I'm still looking for a story where Rin is a deviant and Sess is a deputy sheriff or something. If I can't find one, i think i might finally write one. xD

​That's for sure. *rolls eyes*  Yeah, treating her like that without reason is so... ugh.  I don't really read them anymore.  Pace is way to slow for me. LOL

​I know what you mean.  I can't help, but hate her.

​I read a bit and pretty muchly stopped. XD  Deviant?  I would like to read one where he is in law, and one time thought about writing one. :P LOL  Good!  Do so! :D

indeed rolling of the eyes. Lmao.

yeah, majority of the ff is too slow for updates. people never update anymore and it takes forever for anything to happen in my opinion. Lol. like they are concentrating too much on sess being an asshole and whatnot. Lol. those type of drama i don't really care for.

yes, she is a hate able character in those stories. lol

oh so you only read a bit? haha well i can understand why you stopped. Lol

oh you should write one!! :O so then I wouldn't have to write one. Haha.



That is true.  Definitely and I want things to happen especially since it's just a fanfic.  Gets boring. LOL  Indeed they are. LOL  Jealous of Rin. XD  I don't either.

Definitely. LOL

Yeah.  Oh, you do? LOL

Yeah, I had an idea way back. LOL  Maybe I shall write it out sometime.  You lazy! XD LOL

yeah, its like we have to wait yrs, literally, to get to sess/rin being together for good. xD and yes, probably cause of that. good. then i won't see that in your stories. haha. 


oh yay, i would love to see how you make sess in law. and stuff. haha. oh definitely. but hey, if you're going to write one, i don't see why i should too you know? xD


Indeed, years or never! XD  Must be. :P You most definitely won't! :D haha

Good.. XD

Yeah, and when will I write this? XD LOL  It's one of my first fanfic ideas and I would really like to write it.  I remember a lot of it.  Rin key to his big case and she grew up with him.  She would be the princess of the law office. LOL  Hey!  You probably have different ideas, no? LOL

yes! *cough-covenant-cough* :p

idk, when are you going to write?hopefully you should get on it now. so i can read it. haha. oh really your first and you still havent done it? :O i got my deputy sheriff from reading a romance novel. Lol sounds sweet to see that rin would be the princess of the law office.

definitely different ideas. cause they'd be enemies. :p

Yeah, I seriously need to get some things done. :P LOL

I'm going to try to make myself write more.  I am going to try! :D  I want to do the Western full story and this now. LOL Oh. Haha :)  Yup, first and still haven't. XD LOL  I'm not sure exactly where this came from. LOL  Yours sounds it would be good. :)  Yeah, Rin would be the most precious thing to everyone and she would have her daily routine visiting them all. LOL

Oh!  Enemies?  Sounds good! :D

yes you should get on it! become more dedicated. Lmao

you always say that though!! >:( oh yes the western sounds good too. I need to finish mine for that as well. xD

well wherever you got it from, you should start already cause I want to see how it will turn out. cause i really like the idea of visiting them everyday. hehe. cute. :)

yes, "enemies"

I really should. LOL

I know...  And I am trying!  I want to!   You do!  I want to read it! Haha

Yes, I should. LOL XD  Oh, really?  Hm, I just may... Haha XD  Oh good!  Yay! :D

Awesome! :)


There's a story where Sesshoumaru is a lawyer and Rin is his servant, I think Di follows the story as well. From Shinka or something I don't remember. 
[quote=Y] yeah, majority of the ff is too slow for updates.[/quote]
Hi! 8-)
[quote=Y]yeah, its like we have to wait yrs, literally, to get to sess/rin being together for good. xD and yes, [/quote]
Yo! 8-)
@ Y, to answer your question.
1) Sesshoumaru is not a player, as far as I know for first one no past lover and second one I don't know yet. Maybe Kagura is but nothing reveal yet. No children for both stories, no treating Rin like shit on both.
2) Potty mouth? I don't think so I guess. Ignorant? Retarded? Bad attitude? I don't see those. 
[takes all the mental and physical abuse from Sess just cause "wow, he's so freakin omg so sexy and hot!!"]
No such thing at all.
I enjoy both stories :-) 

Hi there Jenni!  Want to say something?  Admitting to something? Tongue LOL

And I didn't remember that story till you mentioned it! XD LOL

so whats that story that rose forgot about? Lol is that a recommendation?

and rose, just don't think about it. Just go to the computer and start typing away like a madman.. XD

well I checked it out, skimmed more like it, and it was alright. :p just not my type of story i guess. I am too picky...sadly..


Well, I'm not sure.  It seems pretty good, but I am still deciding how good. LOL

I wish I could!  That would be WONDERFUL!!!

Yeah, it's very well-written and she is good, just like you not to my liking.  And yeah, me picky too.... :P

well be sure to tell me once you got it figured out. xD

it would be. so get on it! :P

lol yeah, I agree. good writing, just not the content that I don't like..

I will.  She is one who rarely updates. 

I so want tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, a lot of it for me is it's so slow pace.  She writes good slow pace, but my attention span... XD LOL

oh!! she is!! That must be fustrating!!

Lol then go ahead and write it!! Whats your excuse now?? :p

That makes sense. Lol You have a short attention span? Thats funny. xD

I think thats how it is for me too! It gets boring when having to wait 20 ch for Sess to finally break it off with Kagura and finally get with Rin and then they have like 1 chapter where Sess/Rin are actually a couple, of course thats the epilogue. XD Its happened like that in a few stories I read a long time ago. I learned my lesson. Thats one of the reasons why I always read reviews now and skim!! Lol

It is!

I haven't been feeling like it. :P

No, it's not short, but I get bored with books easily.  So my attention span with them is short. :P LOL

Very boring.  Yeah, ofcourse the epilogue. XD  Really a waste.   Yeah, me too, and I did as well.  Me too! :P LOL

Haha show her your wrath..

smh.. -.-"

okay, just with books? Lol

Yes a waste really. Is that why you do that too? Lol  yeah can't blame you..

I will!!!! 

Hey I haven't been feeling good enough to!

No, other things.  But books seem to be the worse. XD

Yes, I was tired of those stories (1 or 2 is too much!). LOL  Indeed...

Again with those excuses. Lol.

what? nothing wrong with books. FF is the worst you mean. Lol

Yeah, one is one too many. XD

Hey!  Ligit! 

Well, books can be so wordy and hung up on something and slow. :P

Definitely. XD LOL

No way!

Well books have to pass some sort of screening though. At least it makes sense. Not like some FF. Haha



True, it does, somewhat.  Still no-good if I get bored. XD LOL