28 Apr 2012

Featured FanFiction 1

Submitted by icegirljenni

I didn't have any art to recommend at this moment and so I create a 'Featured FanFiction post' where I can recommend story that I think it is interesting and worth following :-) 

Everyone can do the same with the same title without numbering. Remember to set your post to 'Fanfic and Fanart' and 'Sesshoumaru/Rin' categories. Laughing out loud


If you guys have not read this story, you gotta read it now! I love the plot and whenever I finished reading one chapter, it left me want more. This is an on going story that currently running in chapter 3 (updated awhile ago) 

If you love the war between humans and demon and wonder how Sesshoumaru and Rin's love will develop under this situation, then read it to find out Laughing out loud

Here are the details :


Summary: In a time of the rule of the Demons, interaction between humans and demons can be punishable by death. An innocent, but mentally-unprepared, girl is here to discover the weight to her life; "I must have a purpose," she begged.

Enjoy reading guys (n__n)