16 Aug 2012

Featured Fanfic and Fanart 3

Submitted by icegirljenni



It is time to digging another wonderful old Fanfiction written by a wonderful author XD

This week Rin-Sess featuring, Kimono written by Frotu / Pardon the Insanity:


Kimono (Link on FF and MF )

Written by  Pardon the Insanity (FF) | Frotu (MF)


{Rated: Fiction K - Genre: Romance - Words: 5,145 - Published: 08-16-08 - Status: Complete}


My view of the story:  Absolutely beautiful written one shot! The story took place after the end of the original Inuyasha series. I like the ending of this one shot and it is perfectly a good ending heart yes Laughing out loud


Frotu has drawn an art of Rin with all the kimonos she had from Sesshoumaru. So this week Rin-Sess featuring, Kimono drawn by Frotu




Have fun reading and enjoy the art! :D


I remember reading this! It's a really cute story. 

I know right? It was a simple yet beautiful one shot story :-D

I think I read this, but I'm going to recheck this, just in case. Lol. xD

I haven't been on FF much so I'm excited to jump back in. hopefully, its gotten better.

and the picture is really cute.

I love old stories because they are unique. I have been reading this for so many times, definitely worth to read aain :-D


Haha you have been missing even here. ;-)


I know right? Nice picture! :D