9 Jun 2012

Featured Fanfic and Fanart

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello RinSess members! How you all doing? It's been a long while I didn't do this weekly Featured FanFiction. Now I am back for awhile before I go missing again Cool

Alright here we go:


This week our Featured Author is: LDP88 (Rin-Sess) or LDP88 (FF)

Featured story will be: Lost to Tomorrow

Summary: It's been five hundred years. The world is different, but you are still the same. - Sesshomaru & Rin M A story for the adventurous reader, the thorough reader, the adult reader.


Category: Inuyasha Rated:Language: English Genres: Romance/Horror  Currently updated to: Chapters: 13

Last Updated: 5-19-12                    Story Published in: 11-10-11


For those who have been reading Liz's story L2T, you guys are lucky Laughing out loud Liz has recently uploaded her arts and all the characters are from her story L2T. I haven't checked out all of them yet but I am so impressed with her talent in both writing and drawing. Check out her DA's page: LDP88's DA account


I will featured few of the characters she has drawn here, enjoy:


Wow, this is beautiful artwork. My favorites are the drawings of Totosai and the drawing directly below it. So now I have an idea of what Totosai would look like as a.....human/demon I guess. Anyway I feel that drawing in particular hit the nail on the head. Very lovely and to me this old man seems wise and gentle, but definitely tired :tired:

Haven't read her story but I'll try to read it. It sounds interesting. :)

Indeed my dear, Totosai's drawing was so intense. I can feel exactly like you told. The aging the tired like you mention. Imagine how old is he. I love to see all the characters in her story. I make me feel close to the story and next time when I read about them I know how they are :-D Just like a movie we watch :-D

Hi! Thanks for all of the nice compliments you guys! I just found out about all of this stuff going up on Rin-Sess and Moonlight-Flower today and I'm really psyched and flattered. *blushes profusely*

I'll just say in response to the comments on Totosai. When I was drawing him I was particularly thinking about him in the manga. He was so urrr....curmudgeon-y? Is that the right word? In this drawing I pictured him looking at Sesshomaru and Inuyasha fighting thinking:

"You are both complete idiots."

Or maybe that was the face he made when Sesshomaru first came to him back in the series and ordered him to make a sword that would rival Tetsusaiga. Ha!

LOL that's a wonderful expression from Totosai sama XD Well Liz, either ways he does looks extremely weary there. Good job! I haven't check out all of your drawing yet. Will do so soon :-)