11 Apr 2012

Fanfic and Fanart Feature 2

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello fellow Rin-Sess members! How are you all doing? :bigsmile: I hope you all enjoy chatting here.

I am here to bring you a second version of FFF  (Fanfic and Fanart Feature)

Last week, kkoorime  brought you a story title A Timeless Bond from our new member Mrsmangopuff aka Mangobee.

Have you guys check that story out? She told me that story will be wrap up pretty soon so hurry up and read her story today!

kkoorime also featured an art from see03 and that's how all the Naraku tentacles being spread around :bigsmile:

I hope you all still survive under Rimebee's Naraku tentacles XD

Anyway, this is my choice of fanfiction and art from an old friend of mine and she is such a talented writer and artist.





Title:  Thaw ( fanfiction.net ) ( Moonlight Flower.com )

Author:  Pardon the Insanity on FF.net / Frotu on MF

Rating:  K+ on FF / PG on MF

Genre:  Romance

Words:  14,814

Status:  Complete

Setting:  Post canon set in feudal era

Warning:  ~Nil ~


  • Regardless of its coldness, winter always succumbed to spring. And somehow, Sesshoumaru had to wonder if Rin would make him the same. (on FF )
  • For all the coldness of winter, it nonetheless always gave way to spring's warmth.  And where Rin was concerned, Sesshoumaru wondered if he would be the same. ( on MF )


My comments:

Frotu, is an amazing writer. I love her imagination and I think this story should need more love. I feel touched each time I read it and believe it or not? I read it in 2007 and have it saved on my hard disk. I often find myself read that story whenever I feel the need to find a good story Smile

She nailed that part where Sesshoumaru usual cool expression and show us how Rin is able to 'thaw' her cold side and become warm Laughing out loud

Believe me, you guys just have to give this a try. Give her love if you like it. Say hi to her from Jenni if you want to Laughing out loud I love to surprise that girl XD













My comments:

LOL I actually like the second panel where Sesshoumaru imagine himself XD this is hilarious man! I hope you all love it!

Frotu has drawn a lot of Sesshoumaru and Rin arts. I love all of her works and wish that you guys could go to her account and love her works Laughing out loud

I have to say she has stopped contributing her works for the fandom though. I wish to see more arts and story from her Laughing out loud



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Actually I have seen that art!  It is hilarious! LOL  And I always thought those colors didn't go together.  And that's saying something if I don't think so.  I'm HORRIBLE at matching. XD

Yes, I love how Sessh sees himself in the 2nd one. XD  It is hilarious.  Well, ofcourse Sessh thinks that matches! :P

LOL You have seen it, Di? it is cool huh? XD I mean I never see the matching that bad until I saw this picture LOL

Di, have you read the story? :bigsmile: You'll love it!

Sure have.:P  Definitely is and very funny. haha  I have always thought that matching was bad. Haha :P

Not yet.  Okay.  I will.:)

Lmao!! dogs are colorblind!!

poor sess. XD

Indeed!  And he'll never be color cordinated! XD

You said it again! XDyes

Huh? XD

Damn! Do you know how long I have been waiting you to said just this? XD Come on girl! Don't tell me you have not seen this topic when I published it on that day XD :-P

Yep, poor Sesshoumaru XD HAHAHA

Knowing Y, she didn't. :P

no i didnt, i haven't really browsed on here except to answer back. haha

and lol. you did? well..


Did what?  Is that to me or Jenni? XD

i dont remember what i was talking about or to who.. XD or perhaps both?

LOL XD  Well, then I can not tell you.  For if you don't know, then who know? :P

you guys? after all, you know me better than me. :p

btw, ive been meaning to mention sess sparkling. so wrong on so many levels. only Alex Armstrong can sparkle and make it look manly and awesome. XD

Yeah, but we have our limits.:P

Oh come on!  What do you mean?  Surely Sessh can do shojo sparkles manly.  Seriously all shojo (I know Sessh is in a shonen, but still :P) guys have to. XD  Except for Len from La' Corda, he goes against the norm and gets feathers! :P

right... XD

nope, maybe some dark clouds behind him might be better. haha. oh, gotta love those rebels.


Oh!  Dark clouds are nice.  But come on!  Sparkles are so sparkling!  There's SPARKLES man! XD  Yes, gotta love those rebels. Haha