29 Oct 2013

Fall Fan Art contest result!

Submitted by icegirljenni






Hello guys! Above fanarts are the entries for Fall fanart contest and all of them are so amazingly drawn! 

(:iconmteagle128:)  and I ( :iconicegirljenni: ) would like to thank all the participants and their hard work to make this contest alive! Thank you guys!

After one week of voting we finally have the results. And the winner of this Fall Fanart contest is :

 by :iconasurama:

Congratulations dear! *hug* 

The prize will be delivered after this journal is posted. 

Thanks to all 22 voters who have given us their strong support. You guys are the reason behind the smooth voting process Smile

Be on the look out for our next contest which will be posted in a few days. So stay tuned and keep supporting us. 


Here are the details of the voting result :

#1) 1 vote
#2) 3 votes
#3) 2 votes
#4) 3 votes
#5) 4 votes
#6) 9 votes

Click on the large 'screen shot' text below to view the screen shot of the voting. All the voter names will be hide under a red rectangle. Check out the description of the color of rectangles at the end of the screen shot. 

Message from the admins: 


Hi everybody!  Thank you so much to all the artists who participated and the fantastic turnout during the voting period.  This has been the most successful contest we have had in a while.  Hopefully, we can continue this great trend!  Don't forget, we will  be holding seasonal contests, so be on the lookout for more information on our next contest.  Thanks again! :)


:iconinublowkissplz: Maya said it all! And A warm thank you to everyone for their superb supports! I love you all dearest!  :iconinueatkissplz:



Wow, 22!  That's a lot of voter participants compared to last time.


Congrats!!!  smiley

I know right? I feel so sorry the prizes I set for this contest with Maya, only go for the winner -_- 

We thought we always have contestants like two or three so we wanted to try out a new prize giving method -_-

I feel so sorry for all of them. Hopefully, the next contest the top 3 winners will get some prize :D