16 Sep 2013

Fall Fan Art contest! (Closed)

Submitted by icegirljenni

Hello everyone!  How's everyone doing?


(:iconmteagle128:)  and I ( :iconicegirljenni: ) decided to run another fan art contest to thank all the members who have united during the time Sesshoumaru and Rin faced with haters problem. Thank you so much for everyone who have agreed to follow us in ignoring the haters. We have shown to them that we are far more united than they think. Thank you guys!

I hope one day we don't have to fight with each other anymore about the choice of pairings and together we will support our favorite pairing with respect. :-) I really hope everyone can respect each other.



Alright back to the contest,

We are happy to announce the second fan art contest which the voting will be host at ! In conjunction with the deviantART group, :iconrinsesshoumaru:, centering around the theme of "Fall."


1) Entries will be accepted between 18/9/13 and 18/10/13 to the :iconrinsesshoumaru: DA group.  Entries may be posted to the  | or other Sess/Rin's gallery for additional exposure, but will need to be posted in the DA group to be counted as part of the contest.



2) Entries must be Sess/Rin-centric. It is acceptable to include other characters (ex: Jaken, Ah-Un, non-canon children), but the focus must be on Sesshoumaru and Rin.



3) Entries should also fit the theme of "Fall." No snow please.



4) Mature entries are acceptable, however, they MUST be tagged with appropriate warnings.



5) You must submit your own original piece of fan art. Do not rip off work from other artists and call it your own. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified and beaten with the whacking stick.



6) Voting will take place 2 days after the contest ended on 19th October 2013, depending if there is any special reason for us to extend the contest entry time (Like less of entries submitted). Voting info will be explain after the contest ended.



7) The winners will be honor with a banner from :iconrinsesshoumaru:



8. HAVE FUN!!  



If anyone has any questions, please let us know! Otherwise, good luck to everyone!

You will find the above contest information at the following sites and social networking:



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