26 Apr 2016

Evenings by Frotu

Submitted by icegirljenni


Good evening everyone! 

Tonight, I would like to introduce a very special friend of mine. She is not new to Sesshoumaru and Rin's world. She is an old internet friend of mine name, Frotu 

I saw most of her fanarts on Moonlight Flower's gallery back in 2007 and found her on deviantArt later. We have became friends through random comments and chat on her fanarts. I then started to commission her because I love her fanart :D

To me, she is a very clever girl, talented and far more special than anyone I have met in my life. You can tell that by the efforts she put in her arts, the choice of colors, the details of the background, the patterns of the attires, the outfits and many more! I feel bad most of the times because I used to comment without really know the characters that she drew. But she welcome my comments and ensured me that my view is valuable. 

Ever since I took a long break from all the social networking world, I have stopped visited dA and eventually stop commenting or chatting with her. I really miss her and I hope she is fairing well and doing good in her study. :-)

Tonight, I am featuring Frotu's Inuyasha gallery because she has started drawing for the fandom since 2007 till now. Here are two fanarts that she dedicated to me for my Rin-Sess's website usage. 


Evenings by FrotuIn the Evening by Frotu

Do check out her Inuyasha and other's gallery today! :-)


Shout out to Frotu dear!