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When Did You Start Liking Sessh/Rin as a Couple and Why?

Well, we have been yapping about random things that has hardly anything to do with Sessh/Rin. (Understatement much? LOL)  So, I decided I will attempt to get the ball rolling on Sessh/Rin related stuff. Haha

Oh, and in case you didn't read the subject name, (which I have a tendency to do at times. XD) it is when did you start liking Sessh/Rin as a couple and why?

When people actually reply I will get rid of my laziness and answer myself. Laughing out loud




You are correct in stating that we've been talking about non-Inuyasha stuff since we moved here... It's about time that we stay on topic!  XD


I've seen Inuyasha on TV when I was really young, but I never got to watch the whole series.  It was during college when I was obsessively downloading things to watch and I decided to download Inuyasha and finally watch it from start to finish (and I must say that watching the WHOLE thing is a draining task itself!  100+ episodes!!!).

At first, I was like, "ok, this anime is nice...  Not super duper cool, but I can tell that I'm gonna enjoy finishing this."

When Sesshoumaru appeared, I thought of him as the cool-looking bishonen that I vaguely remember from Inuyasha, but he wasn't all that great.  He had one of the coolest character designs, but he was boring and he was mean for using a dummy Izayoi and for being so bitter and against Inuyasha.  It continued on for a while and then RIN CAME.

My whole perspective on Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha (the anime) changed.  I started cursing Naraku for showing up but never dying EVERY TIME and I got annoyed at Kikyo for extending the drama (even though her life story made me sad).  Throughout those painful 100+ episodes of Inuyasha, I was just ceremoniously watching it in hopes of seeing another episode where Rin and Sesshoumaru would appear.

To make it short, I loved them from the very moment that they appeared together, and I already had a hint from the very start that THIS GIRL would change Sesshoumaru's character forever.  SPOILER ALERT:  Takahashi didn't disappoint us by showing/hinting at the end that Sesshoumaru is bringing Rin gifts to make the girl favor him when she is old enough to decide where she would like to be (or whom she would like to be with - the human village or with her demon lord).  heart

After that, it became a habit to look at fanarts on deviantART and Pixiv and then soon after, I was reading/writing Sesshoumaru-Rin fanfiction, too.  :love:


As for why I like them, I guess I have a thing for stoic bishonens who took care of girls not related to them because I also love Shinomori Aoshi and Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin, and Larva and Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu.  (n_n,)

Also, Sesshoumaru is less interesting without Rin and vice versa, and so it is simply a must to put them together.  It would be the PERFECT IRONY to pair them as a couple because Inutaisho and Inuyasha both fell in love with humans.  It runs in the family!  :X


Phew~  What a long post.  You wouldn't believe that I'm busy with all these fangirling that I have typed!  XD

Night Blooming Rose

  Indeed! LOL  Oh well.  As


Indeed! LOL  Oh well.  As long as we have fun.  Getting off topic is fine.:P
Ok, now I will get rid of my laziness and answer, and since you answered so good, I will as well. Haha
Well, when I was younger (pre-teen or just a teen, can't remember exactly. XD) I remembered my cousin saying he watched Inuyasha.  So, one night I stayed up to see what it was about and it kinda freaked me out. LOL  (Note: I did not know what anime was then. XD) I would keep coming back to it and leaving.  I remembered the ep was the one with Hoshiyomi and when it got to the ending "Come"  I remembered liking it.  But I didn't watch anymore.  Some time later I remember seeing it on the guide and read the description of the demon rat episode.  My parents and I laughed and made jokes about it. XD  I remember saying: "I'll never watch that show." XD  Well, I decided to check it out.  It was one of the filler ep right before the part of the ep I first saw. (Yep!  I had a knack for coming in at that time.XD)  Well, it was one of those crazy eps where it had a lot of Miroku womanizing and Inuyasha being extra crazy.  I was disgusted with Miroku and didn't like Inuyasha.  So, I wasn't going to try that crazy show again. LOL
Well, some time, I started watching Code Geass (I believe before I saw the crazy filler) on Adult Swim and I talked to my cousin about it at Christmas.  He then told me about Inuyasha and showed me the first ep.  That made me interested.  He had a few eps recorded and I watched them.  Then I started watching every week.  (My cousin later told me he thought I would drop it because of the eps I had the misfortune for watching first. LOL)  I liked it, but wasn't crazy about it.  My cousin told me about Sesshomaru, saying he was similar in some ways to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, so I was waiting for him.  The first time I saw him it was his second appearance, (It would be a while before I saw his first awesome appearance.) and he IMMEDIATELY became my fave.  I was rooting for him instead of Inuyasha. Haha  (My cousin and I have a fondness for the somewhat evil characters. LOL)  Because of Sesshomaru I became addicted to the show.
I was perfectly fine with Sesshomaru by himself.  To me he was the best and most interesting character, and I was waiting for him.  Then he got in again and I was rooting for him.  I didn't want him to kill Inuyasha (though I wouldn't have minded. XD), but I was rooting for him.  Even though I knew he wouldn't succeed due to story rules. XD  And then Rin came in.  I started liking Sesshomaru even more, and loved little Rin with him.  Not to mention Rin was just completely adorable!heart  (I have a soft spot for little girls and Jenni knows that pretty well. XD)
Well, I was truly addicted to the show because of them.  I watched for Sesshomaru and Rin.  Every week staying up till 4 to record it and going to bed at 5. LOL  At some point my cousin downloaded the eps for me and I watched them.  (I didn't have internet then.  And I was so grateful to him.  That was so much better and faster and easier on my body. LOL)  Well, I did like the show too, (I thought it was great.  After all it and Code Geass was the only shows I was watching. XD) but I mainly liked the story, not so much Inuyasha and them. (Well, I did like all, but Miroku alright at first when I truly started watching it.)  I admit I wasn't fond of Kikyo when I first watched it, but when I got older I got to liking her a lot.  I like how she was at the beginning as well and her soul collectors are cool. (Don't look at me weird! XD)  And as I got older, I started disliking Inuyasha and the whole main gang (except Kirara. XD).  I don't like most of the characters in Inuyasha (only a few I like), but I do like the plot a lot.  I like stuff based on mythology and demons, so that is a lot of the reason there. XD
Yeah, I liked Sessh/Rin together from the start (but didn't think romantically till later) and I knew she would change him forever as well.  (Though I didn't like some of the changes in the Final Act. XD)  And about your spoiler Koorime: I couldnt agree more!heart
Well, when I started liking them as a romantic couple was much later.  Because my mind's way of thinking was that Rin would never grow up.  (I blame Nancy Drew books for that way of thinking.  That girl stayed 18 FOREVER! XD)  Well, my cousin and I mentioned it about Sessh ending with her when she grew up, and I thought a bit on it, but not much more.  After all my way of thinking still persisted. XD  When I got interent I saw a lot of people liked them as a romantic couple when Rin was older, and I completely fell in love with the pairing. (I was probably always in love with them as a pairing, but just didn't know it.XD)  Sessh/Rin is my fave couple!heart
As for why.  Well, I like their characters and my fave type of pairing is like them.  I love a cold demon character, who hates humans, and only cares about one little human girl, and protects her no matter what.  And an innocent girl who is kind and melts the heart of the cold demon. (I feel the last two sentences is breaking so many grammar rules and don't make a lick of sense. XD)  That is the most romantic type of pairing to me.  Especially since Rin and Sessh met when she was so young.
PS: My post wasn't short either. XD
@Koorime: I sure wouldn't. XD

a short note

Di!  I just want to tell you that I'm sorry for not responding to this.  I fail as a fangirl!  :tired:

Every time I look at this, my hands get itchy to type something long, and well, time is not at my side at the moment.  :((  I will get back to this, Di.  Sorry...

Anyway, your reply really entertained me. :bigsmile: Expect a long one from me when I return!!!  x___x

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That's fine.  But since you

That's fine.:)  But since you say you fail as a fangirl, I won't go against you.:bigsmile:  You said it, not me.:P

I understand, do so when you have time.  No need to apologize.smiley

It did? Haha  Oh, can't wait! :lol:


Your last statement totally

Your last statement totally contradicts your second one.

*slash wrist*


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It does!  Oh my!  It does!

It does!  Oh my!  It does! XD

Noooooo!  Don't!!!!!

Later!  And you better come back!:crazy:


just adding in my two-cents...

When did I start liking Sess/Rin as a couple?

Almost about a year ago. Platonic/Romantic doesnt matter. Filial-eww.. never saw it that way..

Why like them as a couple?

They are perfect for each other. I liked Sesshomaru when he first came on. He was one of my favorites. I actually like Sess as a bad boy/ evil character. Thinking about it, I wish Sess had been an evil character that cared about nothing and no one except for Rin. Now that would have made it even more perfect... 


Hi, Yapathetik-wolvezY!

Same here.  It has only been around one year when I started knowing/liking the couple.  :)

I totally agree with your reason for liking them.  He wouldn't be that cool if he is nice to everybody.  If I remember correctly, Kagura is only one of the few people whom Sesshoumaru expressed some concern (and it's because of Rin) and she died.  LOL.  (no offense to Kagura, I'm not a hater!)  XD

Night Blooming Rose

I think it's safe to say if

I think it's safe to say if anyone cares for Sesshomaru they die. XD  Including Rin; he just keeps bringing her back.:lol:  Jaken too.:P


Being nosy XD


Same here.  It has only been around one year when I started knowing/liking the couple.  :)

I totally agree with your reason for liking them.  He wouldn't be that cool if he is nice to everybody.  If I remember correctly, Kagura is only one of the few people whom Sesshoumaru expressed some concern (and it's because of Rin) and she died.  LOL.  (no offense to Kagura, I'm not a hater!)  XD


Sessh/Rin  has a lot of hater when the anime end in episode 167. I can still remember what they said about Sessh/Rin.

I am proud that after the final act end we have so many fans come and suppor them. The fan fiction site started to active after final act. 

Everyone think after Inuyasha ended, Sessh/Rin shippers will faded. I am glad that we are all still alive! :bigsmile:

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So a lot of the hate came

So a lot of the hate came when the original series ended?  Really?  Hm, why not before?

I am too.  The Final Act really sealed them together.  Even though I don't like some of the changes, it was my fave part of the series.

Why did they think that?  And we definitely haven't. Haha :bigsmile:


I like The Final Act because

I like The Final Act because of the improved quality and because there are no more 25458475894575458240432 filler episodes.  XD

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Me too! XD  I am just a tough

Me too! XD  I am just a tough critic at times. :P





some of the greatest Sessh/Rin haters I know is Asian actually

Really?  I'm actually Asian, and I'm a believer of the pairing (for the lack of a better term ^^), so...  *Asian slap their faces, LOL*  Why are my recent comments all violent?!    Kidding!  0:)



Violent? Hmm I don't feel that way, I love the recent comments of yours 8) Does that makes me a violent too? 



Well, the haters' hatred must've been fueled after The Final Act because it was made obvious there that Sesshoumaru would try to win over Rin.  They probably couldn't accept the fact that he was (or would be) courting her, and that if you let go of your ward, you wouldn't be bringing her gifts because you are SUCH a father figure.  LOL

Japanese culture are very different and I think it's easier to understand them when you're Asian.  I don't mean to offend westerners, but most of the people who can't stand the idea of pairing them, I've noticed, are from the west.  I can't blame them because we all grew up in different environments.  All I'm gonna say is that if you really see some 'potential', have the decency to understand that it might be different in their culture (or in their story/time/era) and just respect the people who like them.  It's not like we, fans, are being a bad influence.  :bigsmile:  And if you'll browse at Pixiv, you will notice that the shipping almost always goes like this:


(and a few Sesshoumaru-Kagura)

NOW, if the Japanese who are from the same culture, place, and environment as the manga author itself are going for this shipping, then you might need to question yourself if it's really worth hating/contradicting/bashing the pairing.  :8)  That's all I have to say.

Aren't I glad that the fandom is already active when I jumped in...  0:)

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First off: BRAVO!!!  *clap*

First off: BRAVO!!!  *clap*  Nice post! :crown:

Yes, I can imagine they hate the Final Act. Haha  Yeah, that's for sure.  Poor haters. :evil:  Okay, I am loving it. :P  It is so clear to me that they are meant to be.  Sessh is SO not fatherly.

Definitely agree about the culture difference you stated.  Yes, most are from the west because they don't understand like you said.  Though I know a few asians who always yells that Sessh/Rin is against the Asian culture or something and is impossible, (some of the greatest Sessh/Rin haters I know is Asian actually), but I just couldn't buy their words as I know Sessh/Rin is the most popular pairing involving those two.  But surprising there aren't as many haters as there seems *look at the low number of Sessh/Kagura fics*, they are just very loud haters. :P  Which is common of a lot of haters. *rolls eyes*

That right there you gave is real proof of their authenticity.  I really don't see why so many haters waste their time and bash.  Just want to be jerks I guess. *sigh*

From what I hear to better be and me too! Haha


some of the greatest

some of the greatest Sessh/Rin haters I know is Asian actually

Really?  I'm actually Asian, and I'm a believer of the pairing (for the lack of a better term ^^), so...  *Asian slap their faces, LOL*  Why are my recent comments all violent?!    Kidding!  0:)

Night Blooming Rose

That's what they say.  Though

That's what they say.  Though I do know that some people will claim to be Asian (I have run into a couple) to make people believe them.

You go Koorime! :party: Haha :P  Don't worry about your violence, you're still an amateur. ;)  At least you aren't banging your "allies" with wet noodles.  Now, who could that be?  Why, I have no idea...  Me innocent! 0:)


Kagura's death is debatable.

Kagura's death is debatable. I like that she died, but i also don't like that she did.

Her death was really nice. She wanted to be free and that was what she got. I don't like that everyone was debating, is sess interested in kagura. and saying that if she had lived, they would have gotten together. I blame RT for that. but really, i dont really like her work, so I guess, i won't get into that. haha.

and yes, he would not be cool, if he was nice to everyone, its because rin is the sweet nice one, that i like that sess would be introverted, only care about rin type of character. i think it kind of balances with how they are. wink

Night Blooming Rose

Well, the thing was Kagura

Well, the thing was Kagura was Naraku's incarnation and I'm sure that when he died she would as well.  It was really her fate to die, much like Kikyo's.  She wasn't a character that could remain.

It was a nice death, as much as I didn't like the fact that Sessh showed up, I can't deny that how it was was nice.  She did get what she want.  I don't like everybody debating that either, especially since there is nothing to support it.  He just showed up for her death, c'mon people!  Yeah, especially saying that they might.  I don't see that happening, she just doesn't suit him.  Sure they could be allies, but lovers, no, just no.  I blame RT for that too.  She is too vague for my liking.  I don't really like her work either, and Inuyasha is enough of hers to satisfy (frustrate) me. Haha

Yes, he definitely wouldn't be cool if he was nice, that's for sure.  And I full heartedly agree with what you said.  Really, I can only see someone like Sessh with someone like Rin.  Like you said it balances them out, and Sessh-like characters need someone like Rin to bring out their hearts.heart


I totally agree with

I totally agree with everything that you said! :) Poor Kagura, but it was meant to happen from the very beginning.

On a related note, I can't even begin to imagine why some people would obsess over pairing her with Sess when it's kinda obvious that she's only a part of Naraku and bound to die anytime soon.  Like I said before, I'm not a Kagura-hater, but I believe that Sess is not that low to fall in love with an enemy's 'tool'.  He gives off the impression that he's a high-class guy who would only want the best of everything.  Of course, Rin is an exception because she's not a demon from a wealthy family, but again, we have our reasons, whereas for Kagura, the only reason that I've heard so far is because they have this 'spark'... and because he showed her some compassion...  something like that...  X3

If not for Rin, Sess would likely be killing everyone who gets in his way.  That alone is enough reason to understand that they should be together.  And if you think that's a familial thing, then please jump off the roof/bridge/building, haha.  0:)

Night Blooming Rose

Well, I never felt for

Well, I never felt for Kagura, as she's not the kind of character I like really.  But I did like her at the beginning as a villain.:P

I can't imagine why either.  Though a lot of the Sessh/Kagura fans are primarily Kagura fans and some don't even really like Sesshomaru.  So, that's probably a lot right there.  And they talk about "reading between the lines".  Yeah...  Well, I'm not really a Kagura hater, just don't care for her.  Yeah, I don't think Sessh is that low either, there is just SO many reasons as to why they won't work.  He definitely does give off that impression dor sure.  And that is what's so sweet about him with Rin..heart  Though really she is one of the best you just got to look at her heart and not her status.  Yes, we definitely have our reasons.  Yeah, that's what I heard for Kagura too, which I don't see.  And Sessh never would have cared a bit if she died if not for Rin.  Also a big thing to confirm that Sessh never loved Kagura is that when Rin's second death happened, he had to learn the fear of losing a love one.  That clearly states he never feared losing anyone before or lost a loved one.  And Kagura had already died, so he clearly never feared losing her or loved her.

Yeah, he would be if not for Rin.  Though seriously I love those scenes of him killing those in his way. :P You are completely right.:)  Wooo, Koorime is getting a little evil there.... Heheh


I support. 0:) Haha :P

Night Blooming Rose

Around a year and a half for

Around a year and a half for me, as I started liking them soon after I got internet. XD  Oh yes, filial, I never saw it that way either, and it just doesn't make sense.  I don't even consider that as a possibility for them!


I agree with you completely.  And wish Sessh had been like that as well as I didn't like most of his character developments.  Definitely more perfect.heart




They are perfect for each other. I liked Sesshomaru when he first came on. He was one of my favorites. I actually like Sess as a bad boy/ evil character. Thinking about it, I wish Sess had been an evil character that cared about nothing and no one except for Rin. Now that would have made it even more perfect... 


The only thing that I really can not take it is people see Sesshoumaru as play boy., making him sleep with many women. He is not a womanizer ok? XD LOL 

He is stills an evil dog demon, the only thing that somehow make him looks soften in final act is the moment with Kagome in the final battle and not killing Sango. :|

Night Blooming Rose

Oh, you know I can't stand

Oh, you know I can't stand that!  He definitely is not.  I can't see him ever being with a woman before Rin and other than her.  Especially once they are mated.  That is just totally against his character.

Yeah, those two moments were so OOC it wasn't even funny.  Including going to Kagura, helping Kohaku, and being so lenient with Inuyasha.  Really, Sessh was so OOC in the Final Act at times I cringed and was so shocked.  He seemed to be flip flopping from his true self to this OOC Sessh.  Cause yeah, at times he was still the same.  Anyways, not a fan of the changes, and one was too many, though forgettable, but he had many.


"i cant see him ever being

"i cant see him ever being with a women before Rin and other than her."

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I have seen so many times where people say, "sess is like the type to be womanizing/getting with a lot of women".I think that might just stem from fangirl fantasy where they would want to be sexually active with him. It never once mentions it. Not even a kiss, not even a show of interest. although many say he showed interest in Kagura..whether they are right/wrong, i think its debatable but i think its all down on RT. I think shes just stringing everyone along.she does things like that so her stuff sells to all. thats just my theory.

Sess becoming lenient, not killing Kagura/Koga/helping Kohaku, i think it just shows development in Sess. but I didn't really like his development. I don't think he was a bad guy to begin with though, but all that stuff that manifested just makes me cringe sometimes.. :-S


Night Blooming Rose

Yes, I have seen people say

Yes, I have seen people say that as well, and I don't get it at all.  I believe you are right that it's fangirl fantasies.  Well, I don't think he ever showed interest at Kagura.  After all he didn't care she was topless and never looked at her like that.  I agree with you about RT.  She likes to be vague so everyone will like it.  I heard she doesn't talk about her work much and I think that's why.

Yeah, it is to show development, but, like you, I didn't like it.  I agree, he was never a bad guy.  Neutral is what my cousin and I always called him.  He was just at odds with Inuyasha is all.  Yeah, it makes me cringe too because I just don't find it believe with him.


when i first started liking Sesshomaru and Rin as a couple..

well i believe i was still in high school when i first saw inuyasha...i was told by friends to check out fan fictions. i stumbled upon a rin and sesshy fanfic that caught my eye. i was getting bored with kagome/inuyasha fanfics. the story was awesome. the description of the hotness...i didn't know why i hadn't read it sooner. i loved it. then i saw alot of Sesshy and Rin anime pics on the internet and fell in love with the different sides of Sesshy. I always thought him and koga were really cute in the anime. 

so i think it is safe to say i have liked Rin and Sesshy as a couple for 'oh kami' over 8 years....

i had written my first fan fiction 7 years ago and it took me several years longer to get the courage to post the story. i am very self-conscious of my stories...i like them, but i am afraid no one else would like them. so far my readers are proven me wrong. i haven't YET heard any thing bad about any of my stories.

there short n sweet n to the point lol!



Quote: so i think it is safe

[quote] so i think it is safe to say i have liked Rin and Sesshy as a couple for 'oh kami' over 8 years.... [/quote]

That's really long.... plus minus, I think mine is somewhere 6 years I guess. They are active during 2007 and that's the year they received a lot of haters. 


[quote]  so far my readers are proven me wrong. [/quote]

You should posted it earlier. You have a great plot my dear :-)

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So, I missed the main hate.

So, I missed the main hate.:P  And there is still some very passionate haters out there. *roll eyes*  Well, wouldn't matter, I don't care what other people say about this pairing, I like them and always will.heart

Night Blooming Rose

Well, I was still in

Well, I was still in highschool myself when I started watching, just not a part of fandom for obvious reasons. Haha  Well, I never was big on Inuyasha/Kagome so I have never read them, but I hear a bunch of them are alike. XD

Oh my!  That is a long time!  Longer than I have been watching anime, though not quite as long as I've been playing Japanese RPG games. XD  Yeah, I was into the Japanese games before the anime. Haha  And my cousin is once again to blame for this. :lol:  I seriously doubt I would be into games or anime if it wasn't for him, and I am very thankful to him for introducing me into all of this.:bigsmile:

I know what you mean.  Posting a story can be nervewracking.  I wouldn't have ever done it without encouragement myself.:P

Definitely short compared to some of us! LOL (I am winning longest post so far.:cool:)


the description of sess

the description of sess hotness was what got you into liking Sess/Rin fanfic? wink

It actually makes me laugh/sometimes angry when they say stuff about sess being some sort of sex-god creature/how sexy he is. I think its more beautiful/attractive when they write about how they accept each other for who they are instead of going into details about how they look, no?

ah,, i need to check out your stories. I don't think I ever have. I think it's good enough if at least one person likes your story even if majority don't. some stories that i really love lack reviews and don't have many people saying, "this is great,i love this, youre amazing". everyone doesnt have the same ideals. i write for me because other stories get me disappointed in the events that happen. for me, i like rin/sess to be each others first/love each other. i dont like all that teenage high school drama. and i post in case others are feeling the same way. never get discouraged cause the worse that can happen is someone saying "THIS STORY SUCKS!!" which i don't think is that bad..laugh



Well...that was part of what

Well...that was part of what got me hooked...that was a plus for the awesome story. the picture i have as my icon pic...to me shows a very sexy Sesshomaru. I am picky when it comes to the stories. i would read the summary and see if it would be something that i would enjoy. the story structure is what keeps me going with the Rin and Sesshy fics. Being drop dead gorgeous doesn't always make it a good fanfic. it is just a plus when a drop dead gorgeous guy falls for an average girl. doing stories that have a big successful good looking person, eventually getting with someone who is average or not the popular person often has good morals. 

to each their own!

If you check out my stories let me know how they are....i am always looking for feedback good or bad...i don't care. it will give me an idea of what people think about my story and what i need to work on. i understand that my stories aren't everyone's cup of tea.

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Yeah, I am picky when it

Yeah, I am picky when it comes to stories too.  And I like stories like that where a successful, good looking person getting with someone who is average or not popular a lot.  You are right, it often does have good morals.  It just has to be done right, but yeah I have a soft spot for those kind of stories. :lol: 


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I understand what you mean.

I understand what you mean.  It makes me angry and is such a put off when they keep going on and one about it.  Particularly the "sex-god"  ones.  I agree that that is more beautiful.  I read stories that shows they truly love each other not that they just lust after each other.

I agree with what you said.  And that's what I like: Sessh/Rin to be each others' first/love.  That only ever loving each other is what is special and unique about them to me and one reason why I love them so.heart  I don't like the high school drama and soap opera stuff either.  It's so not my cup of tea at all.  Yeah, that's not bad.  Who cares, right?:bigsmile:


LOL, Di!

Your sex god comment made me laugh!  But I have to say that I am still guilty of reading some of those.  XD

What disturbs me is those high school fics.  Maybe it is partly because my high school days aren't really the best part of my life to make me inclined to read my beloved pair on such setting.  But seriously, Sess-Rin on a high school drama that is, take note, NOT set in Japan...  Uhhhh.  I don't even.

Although, I have to say that there are still some good ones out there.  But the thing is, because the flow of the story is often the same, I find it hard to remember which is which.  Sometimes when I read an update, I'm like, "didn't they attend that ball/school welcoming party/night club the other day?" and then after looking at some old chapters, I'll be like, "oh, that was from another story".  indecision

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How come? Haha XD  Oh, you

How come? Haha XD  Oh, you are?  Hm...  What shall we do with you?  My secret weapon: the wet noodle? :evil:  JK, I have to tease. :P

Oh, those high school fics!  :shudder: XD  Well, I was homeschooled (Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!  I love you!heart), but I know most high schools are terrible.  I am so glad I didn't go to them for stories I hear are horrific. :~  Yeah, I know.  Those stories are totally: :sick:

There are still good ones there, and I am always happy to find them.:)  Yeah, that's the thing, so many are so similar and I have had the same problem too.  You are not alone my friend.:party:  (Wait!  Is this a good thing? XD)


What is that wet noodle

What is that wet noodle weapon?  It sounds... wrong and scary!  :|

Really?  How does homeschooling work?  Sorry for being off-topic here, but I'm really curious.  I don't think I've ever talked to someone that is home-schooled before.  I've only read about it on some fanfics (what a reliable source :p) and it always makes me wonder how it works.  I mean, do you decide your own pace?  And how do you concentrate when you're at home?  I really want to know.  It is not common in my country.  :8)

Hahaha, I don't know if that is a good thing, but I can blame it on my addiction to reading fanfics.  I just have to have my daily dose of it to keep my fangirl self alive.  That's why I tend to mix up all the fics that I read.  :X

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  I am not entirely sure.


I am not entirely sure. Haha  It's something I've heard all of my life.  I do know that it is wimpy and is really no threat at all. XD
That's fine, and it's my pleasure to explain.:)  And yeah, that really isn't a reliable sorce. :P
Well, I started when at 5th grade.  We ordered the books that I needed and then proved to the state that I was doing it by showing the receipt.  My state is more lenient than most with the proof, as some others require homeschoolers to do tests to prove they are learning.  My parents, particularly my mom sat the pace in my earlier years and she would figure up what I needed to do to get do it all in the school year.  My mom and dad would be like a one-on-one teacher and help me.  On my second to last year we decided to get one subject on the computer, which would show each lesson and assignment as you went and when the due date was.  On my last year I did all my subjects on the computer (except for math, as I finished that the year before because of being in an advanced class in 4th grade I was one year ahead with it) and I was completely on my own.  I did work ahead of my due date so I would have Friday off as well.  I also made it so I was finished in April instead of May.  I had a graduation ceremony with a homeschooling group.  Homeschooling is not a really popular thing here, but there is a fair amount of them.:)
Really homeschool is better than public school, as I heard with public schools they won't get halfway through the book.  And if you don't understand something you can take your time to learn it and not get left behind.  And with things you easily get you can go ahead instead of waiting.  I heard colleges will choose homeschoolers over those who have gone to public schools, as they have learned a lot a more and have a lot higher grades.  One year I took some tests and I got into the top 10% in my country.
Well, when I was younger my mom and dad kept me to it.  I really hated school, but my mom and dad knew how to get me to do it and do good more than any teacher could. Haha  Well, I never liked school, but I got more responsible with it as I got older.  So the older I got the more I did on my own.  My last year of school I did all on my own on the computer.  Being homeschooled I was able to concentrate better on it because when it was over I knew I could do basically what I want.  So that drove me to get it done and do good. If you have anymore questions, ask away.:)
Oh, so that's the reason! Haha :D

yeah, well its not that bad

yeah, well its not that bad if they lust/love. but blown out of proportion gets irritating.

yes it special and unique.

oh the high school drama..

-you mean to say you don't like that sess/rin and the crew going to high school. Having sess/rin dislike each other, sess/kagura is dating. sess starts to like rin and kagura gets all jealous. and then tries to sabotage their relationship. then either gets killed/humiliated and get cast aside. also that miroku doesn't have any other reason than to be in there to rub sango's butt and she hits him, and inuyasha is just there to cuss everyone out and that kagome is yelling SIT!!

now tell me, how can you not love that. it is just so original and very funny and a kickass scene.  by the way, thats my outline for my ff story. what do you think??

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Yeah, blown out of proportion

Yeah, blown out of proportion ones are so irritating.

Oh my!  Hahahahahahahaha!  You wrapped so many stories up!  Oh my!  That is IT!  Hahaha *laughing hysterically*

Yeah, why don't I love such originality like that?  I just don't know. *clueless face*  Oh, the one you said you were going to do?  Go for it!yes  That's golden! :crown:  Haha


Lol, indeed they are. but i

Lol, indeed they are. but i guess they just like the whole "sex" stuff..

yeah, i just realized that it doesn't even have to be high school, its the other ff too!! there, there... *pats your head,,*

i think you're just out there. cause you know, that is the best storyline ever!! I'm excited to do this, i just hope i don't screw it up.. i didn't know if to put it up in my Why stories as a series of oneshots that just pokes fun at the entire sess/rin fandom. although i feel like im putting myself up for blast. angry



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It must be just for the sex

It must be just for the sex stuff... *shakes head*

Indeed!  There is just so many like that.  Thanks you. :)

Yes, I must be. Haha  It is!  What am I THINKING! :P  I'm sure you will do fine, the one you did was great.:)  I think putting it up with Why as a series of one shots is a great idea.:)  Well, whether you get blast or not I will be there to support you.yes


sadly, the world has come to

sadly, the world has come to that.. haha

yeah, there are. if they just cut out that super long fluffy stuff, and get to it, its all there is to it.

yes you are..somethings definitely wrong with you.. get on board and start loving those stories like you've never loved before. they never get old and tiresome. :p

oh, thanks for the support. yeah, well i don't really care if i get blasted off the site, cause i think it'd be funny. but its just ridiculous i cant take it anymore. i want good ff to read. not the same stuff all the time!!


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Indeed. That's for sure.


That's for sure.  Just a little different fluff to dress it up. :P

Yes ma'am! *salutes*  I will try my bes to straighten up my act and love these repeat stories.  (I don't make any promises though. :P)

You're welcome! :)  Yeah, it would be funny! :D  It is ridiculous that you are doing this and people are yelling their agreements.  Sad...  I am totally with you!!!  *shakes fist at fandom*


"yes ma'am" wth response is

"yes ma'am" wth response is that!! i believe its "YES SIR!" superior, master works too. :p

you don't need to try that hard. really, its really lovable.

haha, i can imagine it. gosh, i don't think i'm well liked on there already. but I think i'm going to make it to that top of the list of most hated sess/rin writer. ah, how would the fandom react if they saw our posts.. o.O haha

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I will NEVER yield! *strikes

I will NEVER yield! *strikes heroic pose*  You better be happy with "yes ma'am", Missy!  That's the best I'll do. :evil:

Oh, but I must!  I have yet to find the lovable stuff in it.  What's wrong with me!? *shakes fist in anguish* XD

Well, after one of my antics, I know there are some people not overly fond of me there. XD  Well, go for it YwhyY, might as well be the best at whatever it is. :P  If the fandom saw our posts...  Uh... I think they might not be too... um..  friendly.... Heh heh :ghost: Haha


haha the superman pose? i'll

haha the superman pose? i'll never be happy with a "yes m'am." it makes me feel old and decrepit, just like a certain somebody.. ;)

yes we need to take you to see a therapist. just like the sess/rins in the stories..God knows they seriously need it. haha

ah, really? you did something to piss them off? haha, its probably cause you don't make sess an jacka**..

yeah, the best at bashing sess/rin writers and being hated for it. that is a title i'd want to take.. heart

hahaha, well, its a good thing i like it unfriendly and rough.. devil

wait.. that last comment came out as a glitch..i mean, i like it when people likes me and are nice to me. XD

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As long as it's a pose that

As long as it's a pose that requires a cape, I'm good. XD  Ywhyy!  I never!  Oh, YwhyY, why?  You...  How dare you insult Jenni so! :angry: (Why do I feel like I gotta now watch out for Jenni. XD)

That will be the only way I'll see the brilliance in them. *shakes head*  How will I ever face the public?  Oh yes! Hahaha  They seriously do! LOL

I did some to make some mad.  I got called a b***ch. XD  And it wasn't because of my stories, it was um, a nice review I left. XD  But I might have turned come people off my not making Sessh that. Haha XD

Well, I wish you the best in claiming it!yes Haha XD

Yes, a good thing. *nods head*  Hey!?  What!? :O

Oh!  One of those glitches again!  I tell ya!  It's becoming an epidimic! XD


haha, Superman with a cape it

haha, Superman with a cape it is.. XD

*gasp* i never said such a thing about Jenni.I cant even fathom why you would say that, except maybe cause you're thinking it. I hope Jenni  is reading this and turns the chainsaw and wet noodles on you.. Did you read that Jenni. Rose thinks you're old and decrepit. angry you better not go to sleep, you just might wake up to Jenni doing "good things" to you.. o.O

You won't be able to.. smh. i agree with you. the brilliance in them is too genius for you to fathom..

oh wow!! you did! gosh, now im wondering what you said!!?? lmao!! ah, if you're like how you are on here. you totally don't deserve it. again, no sarcasm.. XD

yeah, we should have a contest for it!! XD so it can be official.

yes yes, definitely these glitches. ugh, such a pain..broken heart

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Awesome!  *strikes pose

Awesome!  *strikes pose again* XD

No!  I am definitely NOT thinking it!  That's why I was shocked you said that! :angry:  No, Jenni!  She said it not me!  I don't think you are!  And now I think you are, YwhyY!:crazy:  Jenni, would never!  She would so get you! :evil:

Oh, yes, it must be.  I just can't fathom the brilliance. XD

Oh, I was harsh! Haha It wasn't something pretty and I got many mad at me. XD  I was worst, really I was. XD  Nope, I didn't hear sarcasm.  Why would you think I did? 0:)

Yes!  A contest! XD  It so needs to be official!  Especially THAT! :P

Sunch a pain indeed!broken heart


is that going to become a

is that going to become a habit?? XD

no no. don't try to point this at me. I said a certain someone. then you went and mentioned Jenni!! *gasp*

i couldn't believe it and its still shocking you called her out. the only person she's getting is you. im innocent. angel

yes, brilliance doesn't seem to be your forte. XD

haha, really? you? harsh? no way!! i don't believe it. impossible!

no reason to think you heard sarcasm. just making sure we are on the same page..

yeah, i need to ask jenni! lmao

broken heart

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I think so. Well, you

I think so. :P

Well, you weren't talking about me, but I admit I was wrong to think you spoke of Jenni.  Because it was SO obvious you were talking about yourself. :P

Oh, Jenni, isn't going to get me!  She's going to get you for deceiving me! :P

Oh brilliance is.  It's just high school stories with the same plot that I don't get. XD

Oh, I was VERY harsh!  EXTREMELY! Mwa hahaha! :evil:

That's good.  That's what I though. :D

You sure do. Haha 




oh thats just greeattt. haha,

oh thats just greeattt.

haha, how is it obvious i was talking about myself i clearly pointed out i wasn't talking about me?? :p

nah, the only thing she'll do is get you for deluding yourself into thinking shes old and decrepit. XD

thats exactly why! you can't understand the brilliance of it. :p

i still don't believe it.. you're too kind and delicate. just like a rose, like your name. lets forget the thorns for now eh? haha

yeah, you better think that way.. >:]




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Sure is! You were trying to

Sure is!:P

You were trying to trick me there, but I caught you! :P

NO!  She's not because I don't think that way about her!  You do! :|

I never will understand that kind of whack brilliance. :P

You better!  You want to see? Huh? 8)  Yep!  Just like a rose.  Yep!  Hey!!!!  What do you mean by forget the thorns? :angry:

I sure will. 8)


haha, there you go trying to

haha, there you go trying to complicate things. I'm pretty straightforward. its not my fault you like to instill hidden messages which stems from YOUR own mind. ie, jenni being old and decrepit. :p

yes she will. she's smart. she knows you meant what you said about her. angry thats how her face is right now while she plans your demise. XD


of course?? indecision   haha by the look of the emoticon i'd say you know exactly what i meant. :p


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Now, how can a crazy person

Now, how can a crazy person be straightforward? You are just trying to shift the blame.  You're the one that thinks that about Jenni.  Not me.:P  I'm always telling her she's young.  Right, Jenni! :bigsmile:

Yes, Jenni is very smart and will see right through you :P and know how innocent I am. 0:)

You better watch out Y! J)

Of course I do.  Why wouldn't I? ;)


how? its simple really. just

how? its simple really. just take you for example. you seem straighforward.. sometimes. and the other times you like to say stuff and then pinpoint the blame elsewhere when you've been caught. :p

sure you are.. I'm sure thats the first and last thing you say to her each time you guys chat. XD

no, she'll see through you. shes intelligent, young, and has a beautiful soul. angel she can tell you're the culprit here.

we'll see. XD

you know, i was just wondering if your mind installed some hidden msgs in that as well. but thats good, you understand. wink

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You just described yourself.

You just described yourself. :P  But still, it's fun to be a mystery. ;)

No, actually, it's not.  It's Good Morning and then Nighters, since you're oh so curious for some weird reason. :P

That is exactly what Jenni is, so she will know you are the culprit. :P  Jenni knows me extremely well. 0:)

We will. :evil:

You are the one who's in denial and only see what you want to. :P


no no, youre wrong. i

no no, youre wrong. i described you.. dont mistake me for your habits..

haha, well i was just pointing something out. curious.. so i've been told, but you just said it, i didn't ask for it. XD

she knows you extremely well eh? then she'll know how bad you are..

haha. indeed

nope. thats all you dear. :p

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Yes, yes, we all know how

Yes, yes, we all know how much in denial you are. :P

No you wanted to know.  I know when you are asking. :P

Yes, so she'll know how innocent I am.  She made me queen after all. 0:)

No, you.:P


Don't worry


[quote=Divine Rose]

Yes, yes, we all know how much in denial you are. :P

No you wanted to know.  I know when you are asking. :P

Yes, so she'll know how innocent I am.  She made me queen after all. 0:)

No, you.:P







no no, youre wrong. i described you.. dont mistake me for your habits..

haha, well i was just pointing something out. curious.. so i've been told, but you just said it, i didn't ask for it. XD

she knows you extremely well eh? then she'll know how bad you are..

haha. indeed

nope. thats all you dear. :p



Nah, don't you both worry about me turning the chainsaw and wet noodle to eother one of you. I love both of you :love:

Instead I am started my chainsaw now and ready with bunch of wet noodle on my hands aiming at YOU TWO!!!! 

8) How's that? Fair and square eh? 

Night Blooming Rose


JENNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

I am the only one with chainsaw!  HEAR ME!!!! :angry:

No!  Not fair!!!!  It's ON now!!  *revs chainsaw*  :angry:


hello everyonee umm i wonder

hello everyonee laugh umm i wonder if i've missed so much but i'll reply anyway

I love them since rin appeared in the manga <3 I was like, this is fate(?), thanks Inuyasha for beating Sesshoumaru-sama so they can meet and thank you Koga's wolves for killing Rin so he can save her. And I just think it's cute if you think kagome is the first girl tessaiga protect. And Rin, the first girl who's saved by tenseiga.

And i don't get people hating on this couple bcuz of their age. Rin will grow up and Sesshoumaru is practically a kid too before rin appeared . and anyway, wtf their love is so innocent and pure it hurts

And kagura, is obvious that she loves sesshoumaru, but the feeling is one sided. just like.. who's that girl.. asagi? he just respected them both.





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Hello Eerin & welcome!   You

Hello Eerin & welcome!   You can reply to any post; none is ever too old to. 

Oh!  A fan who loved them since the very beginning!  Awesome!  They are so meant to be!  Yeah, despite all of that being bad things, it was good that it happened. smiley  RT definitely make it where Rin & Kagome play similar roles to the respective brothers.  It can't be a coincidence!  I agree, it's so cute about the swords & one of my fave things in there. 

I don't get it either, but the haters insist it's "pseudo incest" which is crazy.

their love is so innocent and pure

It sure is!   And that's one thing I love so much about them: their pure unconditional love. 

Definitely, Kagura's love is one sided!   It's obvious she only likes him because of his power.  And I just can't see Sessh falling for someone like her.  Princess Sara?  Yes, just respect.


thank youu hehehehe I

thank youu :D hehehehe

I agreee, it is no coincidence <3 , i saw it when i was 8, totally funny when she splash water on him laughlol

yeah, it totally is cute and when rin died, he threw away his sword, it was like... super crystal clear that he loves her romantically, he was in inuyasha manga for 500 chapters fighting over the sword!! and when rin died he just threw it away and say that "for this thing(fucking this thing!?) I let you die.. Rin" crying (well actually he didn't let her die, he didn't have any choice) and when she comes back, he touches her face, for someone like him it is totally something. heart

yeah, unconditional love, that'ss super cute laugh Rin can't fight or provide him information but still so precious. and the haters with father-daughter? ugh noo

And definitely his fine face cuz Kagura definitely said it when she first met him. << I know he's totally good looking, Kagura crying

ohhh sara, i got her name wrong but whatever lah lol. yeah and with kagura, when Kagura was heavily injured he was just like "let's leave now". And when she asked for his help he was like "Nah i dont have any reason to help you. do it yourself". While for Rin whenever she was kidnapped he dashes there himself to help her without anyone asking it. Even in Mt. Hakurei where youkai can't come in crying



Welcome eerin! Thanks for

Welcome eerin! :-D Thanks for joining my site :-)

I know right? How can people not seeing Sesshoumaru and Rin as a romantic pairing? tsk tsk They didn't know what they have just missed :-p

Unconditional love indeed! He could have just leave Rin behind with Kaede but no he came back and often visit the girl :-D That's so sweet!


I agree, he risked a lot for Rin and the Mt Hakurei episode is my favorite! Love it! :love:


thank u glad to join too

thank u :D glad to join too ^^

they totally miss the most interesting thing in inuyasha LOL XD

yeah, they are totally canon  heart and i totally love the fact that sesshoumaru has no other love interest(which he really loves back) other than Rin. if there is someone like kikyou just like in inuyasha and kagome relationship, it'll.. be..so annoyingcrying lol (but i love both kikyou and kagome anyway)

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Sesshomaru/Rin is one of the

Sesshomaru/Rin is one of the few things I love in Inuyasha.  And it's definitely the best.

Me too!  Just one sided ones that he doesn't love back, which is totally understandable.  That would definitely be annoying.  I just don't want to see that in Sessh/Rin.  They are the pure love! 


yeah it's the best rin is

yeah it's the best heart rin is like, the first female character i like despite her unability to fight and all laugh

me too, i'm so glad laugh i won't be liking that too lol.


I know right? I think It was

I know right? I think It was because of Rin inability of defend herself make me like her the most. Maybe I just love the fact that Sesshoumaru keeps saving her hehe It is kind of so romantic :-P



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Me too!  I am a romantic so I

Me too!  I am a romantic so I love the defenseless girl & protective powerful cold demon who always saves her. heart


yeah good thing she get the

yeah heartgood thing she get the most powerful character in inuyasha universe. lololol :D

Night Blooming Rose

That's for sure.  Haha

That's for sure. heart Haha

Night Blooming Rose

I don't know how myself.  As

I don't know how myself.  As it makes the most logical sense.  Like Kiko said, the story spent showing how much Sessh & Rin cared for each other. heart

That is sweet how he visits her often.  Sessh willing to be in a human village to see Rin?  Man, seriously, how much more proof do those haters need?

Very sweet ep! heart

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I first saw Inuyasha a few

I first saw Inuyasha a few years ago and it was the re-run of the anime.  I haven't been a fan as long as others.  And I'm mainly just a fan of Sessh/Rin.heart  Oh!  That was so cute in the manga!   I wished they did that in the anime.

Definitely was crystal clear that he loved her.   There's no greater show of love than that from Sesshomaru.   He would NEVER throw his sword away for anyone else.  Yeah, he was blaming himself, which was unlike him, as like you said it really wasn't his fault.  That scene when he touched her face was so SWEET!  And so unexpected of him.  After that ep there's no doubt he loves her. 


I think it's sweet and perfect that Rin doesn't fight or provide anything practical for Sessh.  It just shows how much Sessh cares for her all the more.  No way are they father/daughter!

Yeah, Sessh didn't care to help Kagura and didn't mind her being in the river. LOL  But for Rin he would do anything to save her, like you said.


When did I start??

Well I had watched Inuyasha for years. Heck I remember waking up twice in the night to catch the show since it came on too late and my mother's crap boyfriends would try and catch me and make me go back to bed. I had daydreamed for years as a youth wishing to escape into that world...

Ahem but yes, watching that show was amazing and exciting to me, it was a kind of weird mix of nerdy but cool and I'd rather not have gotten into Naruto cause I couldn't care to get into the storyline much haha. (Plus Sasuke did not have the beautiful silver sexy long hair *3*) I had a crush first on Inuyasha and Kagome, but then their back and forth stuff like Inuyasha not flipping choosing and KAgome being a bit... much for me I settled onto Rin, she balances Sesshomaru perfectly. I originally saw them as a just friends and eventually when I found pieces and stories that featured them as couples I began to become mesmerized and excited to read adorable cute stories that brought them together effortlessly. From then on I just continue loving them and can't wait to see more!!!