28 Apr 2016

Wish upon a shooting star

Submitted by icegirljenni


Good evening all, I came across this picture today and I absolutely love it :D


Such a stunning picture and I particualrly love the background with te shooting stars.


I wish I know the owner of this fanart so that I can give her/him a proper credit.


Anyone know the artist please let me know ya.


I had an awesome day today and I wish you all have a great day too. Another day and weekend is coming. Can't wait for the rest :D


NIght ya all! Sweet dream and sleep tight. 


I couldn't find the artist anymore (I thought I had it in my bookmarks), but I'm pretty sure that fanart was originally posted in Pixiv, most likely by a Japanese artist.

Oh I see. So many arts being shared over the internet without knowing the artist. How sad.