2 Mar 2013

Where is everyone?

Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby

Jenny! Rose!! Do you guys still get on here? I finally dropped in to say

Hope everything is going great on here!!


I see you guys had a contest... ^-^

and how are your stories coming along???




lol what do you mean by 'do you guys' still on here, I paid the site of course I will be here XD And when Jenni is here Di will be tagged along :-)

How are you doing dear? It ha been a long while! Ya couple of contest ran in the conjunction with dA group of us. Want to join?


Stories? I was a bit lacking these days due to personal problem :-s hmmm

Yeah, when you are here I tag along, huh? XD LOL

Hey, Y!  It's been awhile!  How are you? :D

My stories?  What do you mean? *whistles*