31 Oct 2012

How's everyone doing?

Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby

I haven't been on here much anymore. But I was wondering how this site was doing.

Are you guys still reading Rin.Sess fanfiction and writing, drawing? I haven't done anything, and I don't care much for it anymore. Lol but I'm still interested in finishing the stories I started.. so...



Girl! You have been missing for so long! haha Me and Di are the only two peoples here often :D

I have no way of returning to writing XD Not so soon I believe. But I am more active in drawing recently.

Yep, me still reading. Some are worth reading girl :-)

The site seems ok, :-p gallery is working, forum is running, fanfiction is stills there. dA group of RinSess has successfully ran a Summer contest in association with Moonlight Flower site. :D

All are good here I suppose? XD

How unfortunate for you to have to be with rose on this site.. Lol jk.. :p

you have drawings up on DA? Lol no one's story I follow has done any writing any updating. I go to the rin-sess on fanfiction but theres just new stories. I don't care to read any new ones. and jenni, whats worthy to you, isn't very worthy to me. Lol

what kind of contest are you talking about? like a writing one? I'm hardly on moonlight flower, there seems to be nothing to do there but read. and i can't seem to get on the forums and stuff.

I haven't browsed around the site, but I will, once holidays come and I have some spare time.. xD

Gee, thanks. XD

I know what you mean, but she does read a good one every now and then. :p

you''re welcome.. :p

I'm sure she does. theres some good ones out of many of those stories.. Lol. but its hard to find.. o.O


There are...  Once in awhile. LOL  They are that... o.O

{whats worthy to you, isn't very worthy to me. Lol}

Just reading for passing time, not really valuing those as worthy ya know. I only fav what I like, the rest are all reviews.

It is a drawing contest. Ya MF is not that active except fanfiction section.

Doing. :p

I read from time to time.  Haven't updated in awhile.  Never have drawn. :p  Shocker! XD

Lol. found any new stories that are good?

well when will you be updating then? and drawing is fun. you should try it. :p

Maid for You is pretty good one.  I'm planning on reading all of it as I just read parts to see how it would be. :)

No idea. XD  Well, I'm rarely satisfied with what I draw. :p

Oh! I've seen that one. that one caught your attention too? I originally thought it was a story I was reading, but i think its a different one. Lol. you can tell me how it goes once you've read it. but i think its still ongoing isn't it?

aww.. :( your drawing skills must be crying.. Lol

It did. :)  Oh. XD LOL  Well, I have already read parts and the end, and I do recommend reading it as what I've read  is good.  There's no soap opera drama and stuff like that really.  Yeah, there's like a few mean women to Rin in there, but they're not important.  And Sessh isn't like sleeping around from what I can tell.  So yeah, it's good. :)  That one is finished, but she is now doing a sequel.

I am sure they are as they tend to be awful. XD LOL

Maid for you is really a good story. I was hoping she could continue what she had in sequel now in the original Maid for you. Because eventually when you make it a sequel it will be dragged. But so far the pace and the flow of plot is good in the sequel.

Try Maid for you, it is really good. I will get that up for story recommendation soon :-) Or Di, you want to do it? After you read it?

I would, but who knows when I'll read it. :p

LOL I got the answer now XD

I'm busy with other things at the moment. :p  But yes, you do. XD

what happens in maid for you? is it sad? give me a summary

Rin works as a maid for Sessh and they fall in love.  A bit sad in the last few chaps as Rin thinks Sessh doesn't love her and is going to quit, but ends happy. :)  And beyond that, I can't tell you. XD LOL

I will feature the story with the Summary. Di already posted it anyway :-p She did the best to give a summary without giving too much spoiler XD

My awful quick summaries seem to be the best. XD LOL

Lol, give me spoiileers and all!!