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Crack Pairing

um, i'm not sure where to put this section.. so i'm sorry if i'm wrong,,,

let's just have some fun


what's your fave crack pairing in inuyasha? :D

and your least favorite? :D



Sorry, I want to ask a silly

Sorry, I want to ask a silly question Tongue What crack pairing means?


Yes, you are in the corrent section :-D

If you want, you can always make a blog entry. It will be listed under your blog :-)

Under your account, you just need to click on create content => blog entry. :-D

Night Blooming Rose

Favorite crack pairing?

Favorite crack pairing?  Hm...

I like Naraku/Kikyo, though I don't consider it a complete crack pairing, at least on Naraku's part anyways, as he did love her.  It's something that if RT wished to have made she could have.  Though as unlikely as that is.

Hakudoshi/Kanna is a cute idea I think.

Byakuya/Sara!   Total and complete crack pairing and I will only use if I really want to have Byakuya have a girlfriend in my fics.  Who knows, maybe because of my fics I will come to like this. XD


Crack pairing is.. pairings

Crack pairing is.. pairings that have almost zero evidence in the series.. maybe something like.. onigumo x sango lol

Okay then, I'd blog something if i have any interesting idea/things to say heart


Ooh this is my favorite pairing too, but i don't consider it as crack cuz imo naraku does like kikyou, even in the strange and sick way :D, and to think that.. onigumo's love for kikyou triggers events in inuyasha. That's just so.. sickly sweet :D


LOL, this is my favorite too along with Hakudoshi/Rin(chibi chibi love lol). they would look good smileyespecially since kanna carries akago .

My least favorite crack pairing would be Sesskag and Sesskikyou.(they do have many fans thou)

because i'm a diehard Kikyou x Inuyasha x Kagome fans. IMO, the idea of "Our tragic love song" in Inuyasha and Kikyou just captivates me, it was my first OTP and it's beautifully tragic. nothing can disturb it but naraku's sick love lol. :D (even kagome couldn't. but she has her own story with inuyasha, which is equally great, especially before kikyou's appearance).



Night Blooming Rose

Yeah, Naraku definitely does

Yeah, Naraku definitely does love Kikyo, and at the end it pretty much says if Kikyo loved him, then he wouldn't have done all the bad things in the series.

Hakudoshi & Kanna are like two albinos, so it definitely looks visibly good. LOL  I don't care for Hakudoshi/Rin personally.

Oh, I don't like Sess/Kago or Sess/Kikyo at all. Kag doesn't seem suited for Sessh in any way, and Kikyo is too cold. LOL (They sure do...)

I never cared for the main pairing or love triangle in Inuyasha, but definitely Inu/Kik is tragic.


unrequited love is

unrequited love is unrequited.. right, naraku ? :D

yeah i totally love them since i accidentally clikcked amv titled all about us :D angel hakudoushi kanna ftw!!

yeah i'd rather have suikotsu than sesshoumaru for kikyou if it's crack :D. as for kagome she's perfect with inuyasha i don't have any crack idea for herindecision...


Thank you so much for telling

Thank you so much for telling me the description of crack pairing.

To be honest I am not so sure though. But I think I am going to vote for Naraku/Kikyo.

Least favorite definitely down to Sessh/Kagome and Sessh/Kikyo. How can that even happen?? :-O Seriously?

I remember our member TheSkunkzLullaby ever suggested about KaguraXKohaku LOLLL You can read her comment here =>Kohaku/Kagura

I am sure you will have 2 cents about that pairing XD

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My least have is

My least have is Sesshomaru/Inuyasha. Seriously, that crack pairing...

Not a fan myself of that, but I'll go for it if it gets Kagura away from Sessh. XD


ooohhh wewww now that i think

ooohhh wewww now that i think about it, i kinda like kohaku/kagura. o_O,, *immediately post comment there*

yeah, kikyou and sesshoumaru is too cold =_= he even let her being killed by naraku in a point. and doesn't feel any respect/friendship feeling with her at all. i know this is crack but sometimes canon fact just get in the way.

but probably the idea of sesshoumaru can revive kikyou 50 years ago makes sense

but now i have an idea for kagome, kagome x bankotsu sounds good smiley

ooh well, i don't like sesshoumaru/inuyasha as yaoi pairing but brother or shonen ai is not bad lol.


Night Blooming Rose

Funny how logic can do that.

Funny how logic can do that. :)

Exactly, canon facts just get in the way and you can't do it logically.

Still I can't see Sessh doing it out of love of any kind if he ever would.

LOL  I actually like the thought of Sango/Bankotsu (as I hate Miroku). smiley

I don't like them as brothers and definitely not shonen ai.


you're right, i really should

you're right, i really should stop thinking abt it lol :D

yeah he could, but he didn''t

ooh that's good too, i don't really like miroku too, sometimes he can be so annoying -_-" miroku can be with jakotsu lol


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LOL That's Sesshomaru!


That's Sesshomaru! :D

Miroku definitely can be. -.-  Well, that's pervy! o.O

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Yup. XD   Yeah, that's better

Yup. XD


Yeah, that's better than Sessh/Kik, after all they interacted with each other that was more than saying a few words. :p And yet Kagome gets the most crack pairings from fans. XD


Hakudoshi x Rin..... v.v

Weirdly my crack pairing was Hakudoshi and Rin.... I seriously only thought of it once and right afterward I was like no way he's too evil!!