17 Jul 2012


Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby

Am I doing this right? I'm trying to learn how to use this site and I realized I never even learned how to put up the pics. Anyways, this is one of my favorite anime characters from my favorite anime. They are just so selfless and adorable together. I don't see how people think this pairing is lolicon. Mei is just really tiny.. Lol 

And I love this scene how Alphonse put himself in front of her. heart

7 Jul 2012

Rin and Sesshomaru fanfic update!!!

Submitted by Coka Cookie Cola

You may begin to wonder if I'm actually on the site anymore.. sorry about that! ^_^ Summer is here, and I am here Smile

So.. this is an important blog update from yours truly; I am starting to take requests for Sesshy and Rin for fanfiction stories. It includes one-shots, long-chapter stories... Any genre.



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