6 Aug 2012

Plug + Cosplay Photo

Submitted by kkoorime

My Sesshoumaru-Rin oneshot has been nominated at the Feudal Association for the Best Oneshot Fiction category.

If I remember correctly, you have to be a member of their Yahoo! group in order to vote, and request for membership closes during the voting period, so this little plug probably won't do much.  ^^  Still, if you happen to be a member, please support my story, as well as other SessRin authors' stories that have been nominated.

20 Jul 2012

Sequel & Threquel News!!! :D

Submitted by Coka Cookie Cola

You know when is the best time to think about Sesshy and Rin stories? AT NIGHT! XD Lolz. Seriously, last night I couldn't sleep so I just randomly thought of this idea.

For those who read my Love To Protect story on, I've got exciting news for you - There will be a sequel and a threquel! XD Excited yet? You should be - I'm starting to plan it out. Score!


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