26 Jun 2012


Submitted by TheSkunkzLullaby

Why is there so little Kohaku/Kagura fanfiction stories? Why aren't they more popular. I want more stories with them!! This pairing would make for an interesting stories and complex plotline. In fact, I like the Kohaku/Kagura stories way more than I do with Sess/Rin. Maybe cause the Sess/Rin stories are so recycled with little else than having Sess learn to love Rin after treating her horribly.

Anyways, I view Naraku/Kagura (this pairing makes me cringe) as family so I don't know why people pair up naraku/kagura sometimes when Sesshomaru finally decides to dump her.  Lol

I feel so alone in my love for this pairing. broken heart

Is anyone willing to do a romance tragedy with Kohaku/Kagura story with Sess/Rin as antagonists?





Because they aren't popular. :P  Though I think they should be more popular than Sesshomaru/Kagura and Kohaku/Rin, but people are funny that way.  Sometimes I find the fandoms with not much stories to them to be better.  But then I am reminded that it's because they only have fans who treat them right.  And Sessh/Rin has a LOT of good stories, they're just tougher to find amongst them all.

Naraku/Kagura is cringe worthy (Naraku/Kikyo all the way!) and I don't like it at all.  I see no sense to it.  And yeah, family.  When Sesshomaru finally dumps her?  Eh?  What do you mean by that?  They were never together. :P

Well, it's an okay pairing with some sense, but as I'm not fond of the characters I don't care much for it.  I always say Kohaku should have been with Kagura when she died.  Now I might have even felt something when she died then. LOL

Y, at first I want to do this to you : 

But after some thought: Yeah, sure!  Why not?  This might be a nice way to take out some aggression.  A tragedy where Sessh/Rin are against them?  Mwa hahahahaha! 

They should be!! Yes it does make more sense than Sess/Kagura and Kohaku/Rin. I like the thought that they would band together and fight their way free from Naraku but with more of a tragedy theme where one of them sacrifice themself. :p How romantic and tragic would that be??!!! So pretty much what they had in the canon universe but where they are together more. XD

Nah, I think for the Sess/Rin there are only a handful of really really good ones. Lol. The other ones are kind of recycled. Or maybe I'm just biased cause I don't like the themes of high school with Sess finding Rin as his mate, or the corporations/ broken marriaged etc..I guess its cause I only like humor in contemporary type of romance settings. and its usually just drama/angst in the fandom.

Definitely Naraku/Kikyo all the way!! Oh i meant in the FF universe about Sess finally dumping Kagura. :p

Well they could be side characters!!

Why would you do that to me?? :O :'(

yeah with Sess/rin as the bad guys and are evil!!! you should do a short one-shot with it!! Lol





Yeah, I like that thought and makes sense.  And would have liked seeing them work together more to.  Tragic alright.

Well, there's some real good old ones.  And I'm not talking about those themes. :P LOL  I don't like them either.  I really don't know what's with the stories nowadays. LOL

Oh!  I see. XD LOL  So they do that.  They basically treat Sessh like Sessh/Rin stories do to Kagura? LOL

True.  Maybe I could some time, like in my first story idea with Sessh as a law man...

Because of Sessh/Rin being the antagonists!  :P LOL

Evil as in they kill Kagura/Kohaku. :P LOL  I think I might to take some agression out on them. :P

definitely I need some good tragedies, and not the one where Sesshomaru is too late to get to Rin and she dies. Like, how old is that..xD

Not those? Hahah i get what you mean. I don't get whats up with them either. Then which ones are you talking about? Some recommendations would be nice though I have gone through the old ones a while back, the finished ones at least. Not all, but the ones that passed my "tests" before I read FF. Lol

wait, treat Sess like they do to Kagura? What do you mean by that?

Are you talking about putting him that way in the Kohaku/Kagura stories? Lol no, I meant to actually give them meaning to be evil. xD I would hate to see that happen with Sess where he can't get over Kagura and is trying to sabotage their relationship..

Oh, yes take out your aggression and write it!! :p



LOL  Well, I don't like tragedies, but even I know that is an old one. :P

I can't remember.  I read some before I had an account.  Been meaning to go through them and find them, but too lazy too. :P    Oh, you did?

I mean have Sessh be the "evil" one.  You know preventing the Naraku/Kagura love.  You know most stories in FF have to have someone prevent the main couple it seems. :P LOL

Oh, okay!  Like have some meaning where they kill Kagura/Kohaku for something.  They never had any romantic interest.  With my story, I was talking about the possibility of putting in the story where Kagura/Koh is a couple at the law place and Sessh couldn't care less.  He don't have anything to do with them except professionally.  They would be a couple of the people Rin goes around and visits everyday.

Oh, I see it now!  A canon where Kohaku was able to revive Kagura and then they become a couple.  They did something which ended up doing something to hurt Sessh/Rin.  So Sessh is out to get them.  And Rin does something on her own because as a sweetheart as she is even she got upset over this.  Yeah...  I would have to put warnings on this to keep from being relentlessly flames, but I think you might like it. :P

Lol if someone that don't read it and knows about it, then that means its way too much. xD

Laziness. smh.. -.-"

But I thought we were talking about Kohaku/Kagura. you actually want to write one where Naraku/Kagura are together? Lol.

Oh that sounds good! they could be traitors and feeding the bad guys information. That would put them against each other. Lol. Cause I actually want a story where they are against each other. I wanted to do a one-shot. and even if they didn't have meaning, just for the sake of being a psychopath sounds cool. xD

I don't think you'll get flames for that. Lol. But You're right, I love the idea of it. I actually even thought about writing a post canon one where Rin died and they had to revive her and Sess/Kohaku would go on a short little journey through hell or something to go find them and see Kagura along the way and have Kohaku beg Sess to revive Kagura as well. and etc etc etc..then the drama begins with reviving and old demons escaping. xD

But again, as always, I already have too much. Lol. So I had to put that on hiatus for the past few months already.

But you should definitely write yours where Sess is out to get Koh/Kagu. Sounds awesome. And I think if they did something to Sess then I think Rin would be more than willing to go after them as well. xD

Indeed. XD LOL

Yeah... -.-"

NO!!!!  I was just asking if in those Naraku/Kagura stories if they have Sessh try to prevent them? XD LOL  I would never write Naraku/Kagura!  No way! 

Yeah!  Be spies in the law place.  That's awesome!   It definitely would. XD LOL  You really want them against each other! XD  You were going to make Sess/Rin psychopaths just to?  XD

Maybe, but never can tell. :P LOL  Oh!  Yay!    It'll probably be as much of a Sessh/Rin story as it is a Kagura/Koh. :P  Oh!  That sounds good!  I would want to read that. :D

You lazy!  XD LOL

I think I might.  Thank you.  Definitely and she will be a big help to Sessh. Haha :)

Idk. I've never actually read a Naraku/Kagura. Its just the ones with Sess/Rin where Kagura is with Sess and then Sess finally breaks it off and she somehow reluctantly gives in to Naraku's advances. Lmao

Oh that sounds awesome for them to be spies. Or make Sess/Rin spies!! :O and Kohaku/Kagura could be the ones to find out and save the day!! Lol

Hey why are you shutting the door on my psychopath idea? hmph! :p

The only flame you'd get I think is Kagura/Kohaku as a couple. Lol But yeah, I like the idea that Sess/Rin would take up half of the spotlight with Kohaku/Kagu. And you should definitely start. I'm excited to read a crazy Sess/Rin story. So please do! :p the black cat looks like a sign of good omen. haha

Oh!  I see! :P LOL  Yeah, I get what you mean.  And I'm always like: 

Kagura/Koh would have to be the spies. :P  Or it'll make no sense for Sessh to protect Rin, I believe.

Because it's without reason... 

Well, depends on what category I put it under.  Sessh/Rin or Koh/Kagu. :P  Good, then I definitely think I can swing this! :D   Okay, I will!  Haha  I'm going to have fun! 

Ofcourse it is!  :P LOL

Indeed i hate when they put them together. Lol

But it'd be fun for Sess and Rin to be bad! We hardly ever see them as the bad guys! :p

who said the psychopath didn't have reason. It'll have reason. It shows how crazy some people can be. Lol

Just put it under Sess/Rin. It seems people like to put it under this category anyways. XD

Glad to hear that you will. and yay! I hope you've started and will post sometime this week. haha

oh really?

Me too.  It's just so wrong...

Still it would go against the story!  I have another idea where Sessh is a villain. :P LOL


That is true.  And for insane reason and at least Sessh/Rin is together in this. XD LOL

I would like to post it this week, this sounds so fun! 

Ofcourse! :P LOL

Very much so.. Lol

a different idea where Sess is bad.Ooh, I like the sound of that. ;)

damnit quit shutting the door on my idea!! grrzz!!

yeah at least sess/rin will be in it. I was thinking maybe, id put sess/rin under the inu/kag category. just for the hell of it. or sess/kagura...xD 

haha, yes it should be. I want to get started on mine too, but I'm too lazy. When is jenni going to do a newchallenge/contribution?



Definitely. LOL

Yes, he's the great villain and Naraku and his group are good. :P

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL  That would be good! XD  Under Inu/Kag? Haha  Yes!  One where Sessh and Kagura are allies or work together or something, but Sessh gets with Rin.  Brillaint! XD LOL  Seriously though, those Sessh/OC or Sessh/Kago stories that get under Sessh/Rin. -.-"

I know what you mean.  But I got the first chap of the chapter version of my western story up! :D  I wonder that too...

I'm excited to read where Naraku is good!! :p

No, no. Lol I'll have majority of the CH. with Sess/Rin then at the end, Sess will go see Kagura in the epilogue and shake her hand, pat her on the back and thank her for tipping him off about Naraku. xD Thats the only thing Kagura will do. And of course, it will be under Sess/Kagura. xD

I know what you mean. It's so annoying to see those stories. It makes me want to go on it and rant in their reviews. xD

Oh you did? Ill check it out sometime. Lol

Good!  Maybe one day... :P LOL

 Oh my!  That is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!   Oh, yes, yes!  Do that!   And do something similar for Sessh/Kagome, I'm sure they'll love getting that story too! 

Very.  And yes, I want to go and rant to! XD LOL  I don't understand why they have to put it under Sessh/Rin.

It's on here and FF. Yay! :D

rose!! you can't bring my hopes and then just crush it like that!!

haha seriously? but I doubt they'd care, but itd make me feel better so i'ma do it. xD

yeah, its like whats with all these sess/oc stories that's just like Rin or the ones where Rin finds injured demoness. come on, really? i feel like its a cheap knock off of the original where sess/Rin met and how their relationship is. xD

oh on a side note, what do you think about a story of Sess/Rin with their kids. I don't mean like how some authors have it centered around the kids, but with focus on how Sess/Rin will they will be like with them

i checked and it was the same as the other oneshot! :O

Why not? 

Yup!  Well, true, but it probably would annoy them a bit, especially the Sessh/Kagu's. :P  Good!  Tell me when you do! XD

Oh I know!  I feel like it's a cheap knock off to!  Seriously!  It makes no sense. XD LOL

I like that.  My Moonlight Night is going into them with children.  I like the sound of a story with them as parents.  I just don't like it centered on them and then they grow up and have romance.  Boring! XD

Thank you for telling me, and I have sent Jenni and email of what she did.  I can't believe she did that. XD

you just can't. its mean.. :p

Lol, I hate doing lemons, but I really want to do a little lime one for the Sess/Kagu story, but have it with Sess/Rin together. Lmao you think i'd get flamed!! :)

oh really? that sounds cute!! you better update quickly. :) yeah me too. I was planning on putting my other ones off and do one with post canon where they are parents. xD



Mean?  Really? 

I like doing my limes, but never full out lemons. :P  AWESOME!  Go and annoy them! 

Well, you might get flamed.  Never know. :P

Thanks and I'll try!   That sounds fun and cute!  You should write it and continue that western! 

of course you'd have to ask if its really mean. cause you have no sympathy for others.

Haha yeah I've noticed in moonlight night. :p

I think I shall. It'll make me laugh. xD and make me feel better. And yay! Then I can get my first flame!! yes

Yeah do it!! :) yeah i want the same characters like in my "why" stories. Lol I've grown fond of them and I want them to annoy Sess a bit, but of course, he'll love them always and they love him... heart I started the western for the second chapter, but i just can't seem to finish it. xD

I just don't see how that is mean. 

You should!   Well, in there I feel like I should and yeah, enjoy it. XD

Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All around!    Yeah!  Maybe you can get your first flame! XD LOL

 Awesome!  I really liked those characters!   Oh, I see!   Yeah, he'll always love them. heart Why can't you!? :O

your blinded by your evil mean ways. :P

why do you feel like you should put them with limes? Lol

definitely, thats my goal for FF..xD 

do you? or you just trying to be nice? haha And I have a reason for making certain characters a certain way. Lol I wanted to do a story with their children where Sess' past reputation about hating humans/hanyous comes back to bite him. :)

oh, idk. just don't know how to. i guess



No, I'm not!  I'm ALL love! 

Because I started and feel weird to not when thy have more children.  And the places seem right to. :P LOL

That is... Some goal... 

I am definitely NOT trying to be just nice.  I liked the children in that, I just wanted more Sessh/Rin. Haha  Really, it was funny how Sessh was scared of his children. XD LOL  Oh!  Nice idea! XD Haha :)

I see.  Well, hope you can soon! :)

haha, sure you are.. :p

oh really? so you don't think you can stop anymore? is it one of those where it just becomes a habit? xD

don't make that face at my goal. angry

oh, of course not. You're never nice. :p But that was just me making fun of it. Lol if i did write an actual story for them, it would be about Sess/Rin. Like half/half with Sess/Rin and then the other half with the kids. But with the children part, it would be through Sess/Rin's pov. Lol

thanks, its encouraging.. i think




Well, I definitely like writing them and want to keep doing so.  But I do admit I felt like I had to much.  But Jenni reassured me it's okay since they are mated and married. :)

Why not?  It's a funny goal! 

I am nice!   But that is the truth and nice!   I know, so it was fine. :)  Good!  I really hope you do!  I want to read it! 

I am encouraging you, but I respect if you can't write it as I know it's hard to force yourself. :)


then you should keep doing so. Lol. yes jennis right. at least its not just meaningless sex. and with other characters at that. :angry:

as if.. :P

well I want to start writing again. so I think i might, hopefully. hehe. but yeah, you're right. force isn't good. :/

Okay, I will! :D LOL  Yup, she is and I'm glad she made me realize that.   Yeah, it's not with other characters, seriously how can they! 

Yes, it is. 

Well, hopefully it will come and you can do it! :D  Force definitely isn't and I have learned that. :/

Good. Lol yeah, you should ask them. xD

nope.. :p

oh, haha you learned it the hard way huh? nothing worse than force. Lol

Why don't you? 


Yes, and that is for sure. LOL

it seems better that you should ask. Lol