20 Jun 2012

Fanfic and Fanart Feature 4

Submitted by kkoorime

Hi, everyone!  I'm back.  (kind of)  Smile

I just want to recommend this fanfic.  It's really good and I'm kinda sad that less people are reviewing it lately.  I believe that quality fictions should be given more love because they take more effort to write, and the only thank you that we can give to the author for writing such a wonderful story is to review the fic and encourage her to write more.



Title:  Bird on a Wire

Author:  Lanie Kay-Aleese

Rating:  M

Genre:  Romance / Supernatural

Words:  46,270 (or 9 chapters, as of June 21, 2012)

Status:  Incomplete  (as of June 21, 2012)

Setting:  Modern Japan

Warning:  None


The youkai are nearly extinct, but dangers still pulse deep beneath the cement covering the Kanto plain. In a city where the winds blow too strong for birds to cling to telephone wires, what happens to those who find fate too much for their souls to bear?

My Comments:

​It has humor, drama, angst, mystery and suspense, and it is very well written.  What more can you ask for?

When I first started reading this fic, I was also given a glimpse of the Japanese lifestyle.  This is a plus point for me because I've noticed that many authors twist reality (think of Japanese households, for example Tongue

On random days, don't you find yourself staring at everyday things that you usually take for granted?  And then you ponder about your life and the kind of reality that revolves around you.  You think of your small presence in this big world and wonder about things that you have yet to find out, powerful (supernatural) things that you are not even aware of...  This fic gives me this kind of feeling.  Smile

Every time I read an update, I am reminded of how much I love this fic.

The rating may be M, but in my opinion, it is also the kind of story that the younger fans can enjoy.  It really is an all-around fic, so I hope many people will give this a chance and read it.



おひるね (Taking a Nap) by 小唄




Sounds good, except its reincarnation. Lol

It is good, and Kagome is also a reincarnation of Kikyo, so.  :p

so what's your point? :p

Lol I dont think of Kikyo and kagome as the same person although she is the reincarnation. They have totally different names, personality, and all that other stuff. It's already hard enough to imagine how Rin wil be grown up, but to have a reincarnation is like an OC to me. 

Lalalalalalala....  ♫ 

I agree with Y here, Kikyo/Kagome are totally different, you can hardly call them the same person.  This is one reason I don't like reincarnation fics.  (The "one" I wrote I see as the disease didn't really kill her, but sent her to the future as a child. You notice I never said reincarnation. :P)  I can imagine how Rin will be grown up pretty easy, but yeah, reincarnation is like an OC (someone said Sango's twins in fics is OC because there is no revealed personality of them, so this definitely is).  Sometimes they make Rin different to be like Kikyo/Kagome; definitely OC there.  Which a lot of Rins in stories seem to be anyways, and those aren't the reincarnation stories. XD

I made this post to promote a fic which I really love and which is very well-written.  If this fic contains something that you can't personally tolerate, then that's fine with me.  I'm not gonna beg you guys to read it.

But I don't think it's appropriate to talk about how you guys can't stand reincarnation fics here, seeing as this one implies reincarnation.  That is like bashing a fic or a fic concept that you haven't even read, in my opinion.

There are many opportunities when it comes to AUs, and by writing modern stuff, you are already putting up something very out of character for the characters.  Sometimes unconscious, but we are all guilty of it.  So, my point is, if you write modern AUs, but don't like modern reincarnations, then you have to respect the other and leave it to those who can appreciate it, because surely, someone's opinion is different from yours.  :)

Just imagine if someone else reads this post and starts to like the description, how would that person feel after reading the comments?  If I were the observer/reader, I might have less motivation in clicking the link because I would feel like the majority of the comments are bashing my tastes.  :P

I guess, I'm just not that picky when it comes to fic universes and situations.  I usually just read whatever is good in quality or at least fun and tolerable to read.  So, in this fic's defense, the author is very talented in writing about environments, feelings, and developing the personality of a reincarnated Rin in this modern world.  She has done justice to everything, so far.  So, to people who care about good reading, then this fic is definitely worth giving a chance.

And besides, all 12 y/o and beyond Rin are fictional.  The living body version doesn't really matter.  XD

Anyway, I just want to give my opinion on these matters, since two people have talked about disliking reincarnation stories already.  But, in all honesty, I'm not really in the mood to debate about how good or OOC reincarnations are.  (Hence, the singing!  :3)  I don't feel like persuading someone if they really don't like the fic comments that I've written above.  I just want to recommend the fic to anyone who cares to read.

Having said that, people are still welcome to reply and to comment, but if the reply will initiate more reincarnation debate, then I won't take the bait anymore.  0:)


On a different note, I just found out from Jenni that TheSkunzLullaby is Y.  Why hello there!  X3

Now, I shall resume my singing...  Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala...


First off:  Calm down, Rime, you're taking this way to seriously.  And if you're oh, so fine, you wouldn't have written this long post.
We're NOT bashing the fic and we're allowed to talk about what we want.  I don't doubt it's well written.  I really can't see how we're bashing it.  If someone said the same thing to me that I and Y said, I wouldn't mind.  I understand.
I understand what you're saying, but both Sessh & Rin are different in the AU, so it seems different.  And that's the point, we all have different opinions and are ALLOWED to say them.  We aren't saying others have to have ours, in case you didn't notice.  We don't go to the story and say that.  We aren't bashing it.  I really wonder what you see at times...
You know if they decide based on our comments then that's their fault, not ours.  Really people shouldn't read/watch something based on comments of people they don't know.  Everybody is different.  We are free to discuss within reasonable limits, and I don't see we crossed that line.  Also, if we did, so what?  I see my tastes bashed all the time in places I go to read/watch, and it doesn't keep me from it.
As, I said, we aren't doubting or bashing the authors work of how she writes and does it.  We are just talking generally.  So I don't see the point of what you said.
To a certain degree maybe, but from a child you can still tell how someone will be for the most part.
Oh, okay, you're not in the mood to debate reincarnation.  You rather debate something else you think you are seeing in our posts.
You know we, (at least I) aren't trying to "stir up" a reincarnation debate.  I'm just saying my opinion, which the last time I look I am allowed to do so.

I am calm.  :bigsmile:  But I really love the fic (as in really, really love) and so since the two of you (which are the only comments here) are talking about how you don't like reincarnation stories, then of course I have to defend the fic and share my thoughts on how good it is.  That is why I did not say much to the first comment because that is her opinion and she has the right to say it, but for the second comment, I thought it's time I say something.

I know you are not bashing the story in specific, and I am not prohibiting the two of you from chatting, if that's what you want.  Like I said, I just don't feel good about starting the dislike-for-reincarnation-fics talk here, because the story that I am promoting is a reincarnation.  If the dislike goes on, that will be like opposing the goal, which is to encourage people to read it.

It's a fact that one interest of a person can be the bashing dislike topic of another, but in my opinion, if we can avoid it, then that's better than talking about disliking it in front of the person who likes it.  If you want a forum discussion about it, then that's great.  I'm sure many people would be interested in sharing their thoughts on that.  But please, let's end it here for the simple reason that I love this fic (reincarnation theme included) and it is meant to be a feature.

You guys expressed your dislikes for this kind of story and so I only expressed how I wanted to leave it at that.  That's all.

I am very different from how I am when I was a child.  That is where my opinion on adult Rin came from.

I'm not trying to stir things up.  I just wanted to make sure that I have replied to everything that was mentioned and somehow the reply just got long.

You guys know that I have the tendency to write long explanations/comments such as this one, but that doesn't mean that I am screaming 'mad'.  :)

I know you and Y enjoy talking here and lengthening the conversation thread.  I guess that is where I got the idea that the conversing would go on, and that is also why I made all my points clear.  If you have no intention but to agree with Y, then I guess I owe you an apology for assuming.

Really, Di, I tried to say my reply nicely and I wrote it with an open mind.  Apparently, I failed.  So, for this reply, please don't think that I'm writing this with a scary serious face that screams angry/scolding mode.

Greeting to you too.

okay I know you guys don't want to further discuss this, and I don't either, but I want to clear this up. 

I just want to say that i wasn't bashing this fic. i know there are plenty of fics out there with reincarnation and if people like it, they can read it, love it, hug it. whatever they do with it is none of my business... Lol

I was just stating that I didn't like reincarnation and that they dont seem like the same person if they are reincarnation.. I didn't think it'd be thought of as bad. Just stating an opinion here.

I know I sound like a bitch when I state opinions sometimes, when i review a ff or post on here, but I don't think its my fault if people don't bother to clear it up and automatically assume the worst. I'm not saying you, but I think you get my meaning.

Sorry for that post about not liking it. If I could delete it I would.

I'm not angry, Y. There's no need to delete anything. I just want to make it clear. Smile

I know you are not bashing Bird on a Wire. I just love it that's why I'm raising the feature fic flag, LOL.

I understand what you're saying, that is also why my previous replies were long, I wanted to make sure that it's all cleared up. Hopefully, it is now.

See you around. Smile

Yes, I know you and that's why I wrote that reply in return.

For the simple reason you love it?

And I don't see how what we say will prohibit anybody from reading it.  Your post should be enough for people to make up their minds.  In fact on a site for games, I mainly look at the articles and go.  Sometimes I just don't care what people have to say.  So if you say it good enough in your post then whatever we say won't matter.

Well, some people change from when they are a child and some don't.  And when it comes to fictional characters, they hardly do.  Afterall if they change too much that'll get fans mad.

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't, and what it matter?  And if I felt Y go out of line I would end it and tell her.  I will not tolerate outright bashing in a topic like this.  For example if she just said: "reincarnation stories suks!"  Then I would have called her out.  But she put in some thought and reason.  I encourage thoughtful discussion of any kind whether I agree or disagree.  And it's not our fault if we're the only ones here commenting.

Lanie is such a friendly and awesome author. From the beginning of my reading, she has constantly do a review reply to clear out some of my confusion. I am a bad reader, sometime I don't pick up the meaning easily. She is really a patience author :-)

The story started out interesting. It makes me guess around a lot at the beginning and slowly she reveals all the answers. I am still waiting to read more from her, there are just too many questions yet to answer and it just feel so amazing. :-D

Thank you for featuring it :-)

Side note: I am sure people who love the story will like it :-) In other words I am sure Y and Di comments won't be affecting anyone choices.

After all they are not particularly bashing this story from Lanie. They just comment about the genre generally. I am sure Lanie wouldn't mind to read some personal opinion too because those really are not redirecting to her story.

I love the story too and reading their comment didn't stop me from reading the story.

I hope everyone is moving on now with my late reply. *hugs* for Rime, Di and Y.

She's one of the authors that makes me happy whenever an update from her appears in my inbox.  ♥


Yes, they were not bashing Lanie's story, in particular, and one would miss a lot of they ignore her story because of such comments.  :)  I only wrote those things below because I thought it'd be common courtesy to keep the reincarnation discussion away from the feature promoting a reincarnation story.  :)