21 Apr 2012

Fanfic and Fanart Feature 3

Submitted by Night Blooming Rose

Hi!  My turn to do it! Laughing out loud  Jenni already done one and if you haven't looked at it, well here it is: Jenni's FFF.

Anyways, here's my choice!





Title: Only You    Author:  Neisha

Rating:  M     Genre:  Romance/Drama     Words:  3,749

Status:  Complete     Setting:  Post canon set in feudal era     Warning:  Kissing



  • Adult Rin/Sess. She wants only him, and he'll have only her.


My comments:

This is her only Sessh/Rin story, and it is good.  Not just good, AMAZING!  She portrays Sesshomaru and Rin both so great and so them.  Their relationship is spot on.  I really love this one shot.  It is very sweet.heart






This week featured art would be Chibi Sesshomaru by wondering-souls

My comment: This is so cute!  And his expression... LOL XD



LOL I really love that Sesshoumaru's pouting or grumpy face? XD Thanks for sharing, Di.

I have read the story long back I guess. I had it in my favorite list yes

Me too!  So cute in that form! :P  Thanks for your help.:D

I knew you did. XD  You read everything, so safe guess.:P

aww, how cute.

and i've read that story too! its a good story. one of the best Sess/Rin's i've read.

It is! heart

Oh awesome!  Yes, it is one of the best Sessh/Rin's I've read too!:D

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I know right? This is so cute :-D and yes I love the story too :-)

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